Eurovision Song Contest 2012

I didn’t learn about this until I got to Germany last year and it happened to be on TV but it was pretty cool to see. It’s a song contest where each country within Europe is represented by a singer or group.  They get coverage and the winners usually end up with their songs on the radios across Europe in hopes it goes to the motherland of music – America. All the people will vote via phone or text for their favorite.

Some of the greats came out of this starting with ABBA in 1974 with their song Waterloo. It’s where it all began folks! Then Celine Dion also graced the stage in the beginning of her career. A lot of countries sing their songs in English for obvious reasons (make it big around the world) but other keep it as more of a cultural experience showcasing their countries sounds and instruments as well as language. It’s more hilarious to me to hear other countries try to sing in English. Pronunciation is difficult, I know. They really should just stick to what they know sometimes.

Germany’s song from last year was “Satellite” sung by Lena Meyer Landrut who sounds a little like Bjork to me. She’s one of those that should stick to singing in German only, her English literally hurts my ears. She sings another song called, “Taken by a Stranger.” Take a listen:

I watched the videos of a few and they are ok…nothing really stands out to me but Germany’s is pretty good as well as Switzerlands. I mean, to me none of them are amazing but considering the crap they play on the radio here it doesn’t surprise me.

The ones to fail this year are most definitely Russia’s dancing grandma’s, Austria’s cleverly named “Trackshittaz”…nice, and San Marino’s joke of a song called, ” The social network Song -Oh Oh – Uh – Oh Oh.”

Just in case you want to see for yourself please click HERE. You be the judges!!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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