Bow Hair – Pin Challenge – Day 8

I think by now you all know I’m not really doing this thing daily because I do have a life however, I’m trying to keep up with this Pinterest Challenge! Give me credit, I’m doing pretty good all things considered!

So today I tried the Bow Hair….you may have seen it somewhere on the internet. Now I pinned it here but the link is just a dud. It goes to some chick’s blog so I found the video on Youtube (just searched “bow hair”) and followed a tutorial or two.

I want to know how to do this!

So I gave it a whirl and of COURSE I ran out of hairspray and forgot to get some so this is the best I could do without the stiffening agent! Oh and you don’t get to see my face because I did it first thing this morning and that’s usually a rough time for me.

I think this looks ridiculous. I probably could have done it a little tighter but I have serious layers happening so it’s a bit difficult, especially, as I said, without the hairspray. Honestly, it looks like Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty smashed into each other. Not my cup of tea. Maybe on a smaller scale? I have no idea but it looks strange and I felt like I was 5 years old again. Not ok for an almost 28 year old.

Have any of you tried this?

Until next time, readers!! xoxoxoxo

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