Monkeying Around In Germany’s Monkey Park

I was waiting for 4 days for my “surprise” day this weekend all planned by Toblerone. I was given a couple hints to wrack my brain and boy was I wrong. What I got to do was SO much better!

Hint 1: It involves animals.

It’s no surprise that I love ALL animals…well the ones that aren’t so threatening, rather. But this vague hint left me thinking it was possibly farm animals, a zoo maybe? Who knows!! Then of course my brain went wild and I thought maybe it would involve horses and getting to ride one maybe?

Hint 2: Might get to see little babies

Oh ok. Now I’m sure of it. I get to play with little farm babies and snuggle up to baby piglets steal a few baby chicks. I was ready to ROLL!!!!

We’re driving along towards the Lake of Konstanz and the Alps were clear as day.  It never ceases to amaze me seeing these massive snow-topped mountains. Here’s a shot just so you can see what I mean but unless you see it in person, it’s just not the same. 

We pulled into the parking lot and there were nests on the rooftops the size of my bed. These nests were homes to over 30 storks! STORKS!!!!! I had a private little talk with them about my baby issues and explained that they better get the heck out of here and go pick one up for me. I would be there for the next couple of hours so that was plenty of time. I would wait.

So still walking into this place I thought it was a farm or maybe a bird farm. Wasn’t sure and then it hit me! It was the MONKEY PLACE!!! I’ve heard about these monkeys…they have a “thing” for onions. I won’t get into it but lets just say, they need to get a room. THIS is why you feed them ONLY Popcorn! Anywho..back on topic. I was literally freaking out! I couldn’t WAIT to experience this. Most places I’ve been to you can view animals behind a wall, not able to actually interact with them. The ONE time I was actually “interacting” was a drive-through zoo in England. That was pretty incredible too but THIS…..this, my friends,  was going to be different. Better in fact! 🙂

After I grabbed my handful of popcorn we headed in and there were monkeys everywhere! They were walking around us, sitting along the sides of the walkways just waiting for their popcorn. We weren’t allowed to pet them or touch them but we could hold out a few pieces of popcorn for them. They grabbed with their little fingers and looked up at us as if to ask, “more please!” These monkeys are just absolutely incredible and to be around them was even more impressive. They weren’t bothered by kids running around or anything. They just kept to themselves pretty much.

First Shot - Genuine Amazement

For those of you who want to know…these are “Barbary Macaques.”  They come from a high elevated place in North Africa and are close to becoming extinct so here they are in this random place in Germany waiting for my handful of popcorn! The environment was very similar to how it was for them in Africa (just a bunch of trees) so they love it. We got to see them during feeding time – they eat mostly fruits and grains. Coolest things ever. I want one. NOW!

Here’s a few pictures from the day:

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Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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