Cheesecake Filled Strawberries – Pin Challenge – Day 4

If you know me, you know that cream cheese filled anything is my weakness. Every year for my birthday I have a chocolate chip cheesecake. It’s become a tradition and I can’t survive without it. (Even though I’ve had to make my own cake myself a couple times!)

I made these for Easter, thanks to Pinterest. So easy, and not too sweet. (Germans aren’t into the sweet stuff…aka..cupcakes.) So since it was 5 Germans vs 1 American I decided to keep it simple!

These cream cheese filled strawberries were INCREDIBLE!! I didn’t cut the bottoms off, only the tops and laid them on their side. Dessert is good no matter how you slice it! (ha..awesome pun.) You MUST make these for a party – without a doubt, such a hit! Granted, you’ll need a million strawberries for a large party but we managed to have 3 each which was perfect for a little treat after a very full-belly dinner! The greatest part about it, takes but a few minutes to do!

Here is the pinterest link and the actual link to the recipe here.  

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxo

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