The Pinterest Challenge And Rules

The Pinspiration (har, har) behind my own little Pinterest Challenge was due to a few reasons.

1. I kept looking back through all my boards and wondering if I will ever actually remember to do any of these cools things.

2. All the other “Pinterest Challenges” I’ve seen were WAY lame and boring. Some only on the first Monday of every month or to copy and paste your favorite items so far. That’s dumb.

3. I like to challenge myself since I’m bored out of my skull most days hanging around the house.

SO……Here are the rules for my Pinterest Challenge. Oh and if you want to join in, that’s fun too! Leave your link to your blog in my comments and I’ll add the link to this page for others to follow along with you as well!


1. THERE ARE NO RULES! ha..jk…

2. Every day for 30 days find something cool to do, make, wear, put together, try etc and complete it!

3. Take a picture and post it with your review and the directions, recipe, etc.

4. Link it pack to the pin where you found the idea.

4. Pass it along to your friends to compete!

What do you win?

The satisfaction that you ACTUALLY did something you pinned rather than just gawked at it. 🙂

As for me, I’m starting it today and will finish within 30 days. Follow me on Pinterest  here if you like! Wish me luck!!! Oh and just in case, this is not sponsored by Pinterest or anyone else for that matter.

Until next time, Readers!!

Pinterest Challengers: (NOTE: You do not have to do it daily in order to make this list! Simply a place for people to follow others involved and to read good blogs!)



4 thoughts on “The Pinterest Challenge And Rules

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