The Best Feelings In The World

Since I’ve been a little sad and homesick lately I tried to take my mind away from the negative and focus on the things that make me happy. So I’ve compiled a list of the best feelings/things in the world that I just couldn’t live with out. This easily could fall under “white girl issues” if I was complaining about them. We are pretty privileged, aren’t we? Thanking my lucky stars!

*Hot Showers

*Fresh washed sheets and fluffed pillows

*The smell of a new candle in the house

*Warm puppy fur from puppy playing out in the sunny sunshine for a bit.

*Comments from strangers about how they love my blog, etc. (even though I’ve been seriously slacking lately!)

*Looking at pictures of happier times – thank baby Jesus for cameras!

*Hearing a song that really pulls on your heart strings, and then playing it on repeat until you learn the lyrics.

*After being away from home for a while and finally just falling into your bed.

*Hearing your best friend tell you how much she adores you.

*Being held really close when you need it the most.

*Watching the flowers grow that I planted months ago.

*A nice clean house that smells like springtime.

*The first time you kiss someone you really like/love.

*Having laugh fits with your best girl friends

*Laughing about those laughing fits well after they’ve happened.

*Peace and quiet to myself.

*A hot bath with candles, a glass of wine, and my favorite show on.

*Knowing that you have people that love you and think of you daily.

What are some of your “feelings” you can’t live without! There are so many, I can’t possibly write them all here but would LOVE to hear yours!

Oh and remember to follow me on twitter. I’ve had the account open for ages, but never really got addicted to it…and now I have. I clearly have WAY too much time on my hands! Here’s the link:!/DiarySugarSpice

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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