A Cure For Homesickness

I’m sure it’s no secret that I’ve been feeling a bit sad lately and I think more so around the holidays it seemed to get worse. I am SO lucky that a portion of my family was able to come and share Christmas with us. I think Harley was more excited than me though, if that was even possible!

We tried to fill their days with something special each day even if it was just a walk around  outside or off to explore a castle. For me, I didn’t care where we went as long as I could soak in their presence as much as possible. For the entire time they were here I didn’t feel lonely anymore and even though we were in a strange land, I still felt completely whole. For those of you who have lived in another country will understand how nice it is to be around people who speak your language, share your sense of humor, and understand how hard it is to make this type of move.

With my family having a picnic

So instead of writing about each event I wanted to share with you the highlights of the trip via photo gallery, I know, I’m lazy! We’re still on X-mas vacation here (back to it on Monday..blah) but what a good few weeks off!!! We’re already planning a trip back to the states with a focus on NYC in February! Can’t wait!! Counting down already! This is a year of big news, I just know it!

Anywho, if you need a cure for homesickness…it’s as simple as this….FAMILIARTY. Which this equals, easily, FAMILY. Going to the US was great for Turkey day except I had to leave again. With tears and hiccups catching in my throat I had to say goodbye to my mommy again. This time, when they came here to where I am, it was a lot easier for some reason. I guess I finally felt complete that they saw where I was, put their own touches on the house, and understood where I was coming from.

And of course…CARE PACKAGES are fantastic! 🙂 Just saying! (I have one on the way I’m keeping my eyes peeled for! THANKS MOM!)

We went to see the largest cuckoo clock in the world and to see the video of this baby in action you need to go to my facebook page to check it out. And since none of you got me a Christmas present then I would highly recommend that you “like” the page and pass it along to your friends to enjoy too! 🙂

In the slideshow you’ll see a picture of a elk on top of a mountain. This is deep in the Black Forest. Directly across from this mountain is another mountain as well. The story is that this elk was running from a hunter and he came to this valley with no where to go but directly across. He made the risky jump and survived. (HAPPY ENDINGS!!!) So, there he was…just hanging out waiting for me to snap his photo! (Just kidding, it’s a monument to him)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

One thought on “A Cure For Homesickness

  1. I loved seeing the pictures of all your adventures! It’s so beautiful there and it looks like you had a great holiday with your family 🙂

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