A Spicy New Year

Hello again, my lovelies! I’m back after some time off and ready for the new year to begin! I had such a wonderful time with my family for Christmas. It was great to finally show them around and give them a taste of the European world I live in. I’ll blog about our adventures later this week 🙂

I’m closing in on my one year mark since I moved to Germany and it doesn’t even feel real. I’ve been working on staying busy and I’ve added quite a few new students to my schedule to help them with English and all but while doing this I realized something. What exactly am I doing for me? I’m in another country and shouldn’t just be living the day to day. I need to get out and see more! We could easily pack up and go back to my home country any day if we so choose and I would regret not experiencing things more here. So, with that being said…I made a little bucket/new years resolution list to get my butt in gear in many ways to better myself.

1. Don’t be such a debbie downer! I’ve been moody and homesick quite a bit lately and really need to work on my attitude and get myself going every day.

2. Write it out! Of course this means blog more and the like but I mentioned before that I was writing a book. I sat down the other night and slammed out a few chapters and it felt awesome. MUST COMPLETE THIS!

3. Healthy is as Healthy does! After the medical catastrophe I went through – aka menopause at the age of 26 – I decided that I needed to get my mind, body, and well..body back to what it was. I lost 12lbs (a lot more to go, obvi!)  and now the weight is falling off since the medicine is out of my system but that’s not good enough. Going to the gym is great but also not good enough. I’ve decided to start making us healthier meals which I will post as I go along to you guys but I really think it’s going to work! Better choices is the way to go!

4. Explore, Explore, Explore! This goes without saying that I need to really experience my surroundings. Going to the grocery store and to school only opened my mind the first time I tried it. Now, I’m more interested in seeing the land I walk on, visiting the world’s largest cuckoo clock (did it and will blog it later!), or taking a little weekend getaway to the surrounding countries (and/or directly to Ireland!)

5. Snail Mail! I love the element of surprise when a letter comes in the mail. Email isn’t exciting anymore and I’ve decided I want to send more letters to people. So, those of you that gave me your address before I left, keep your eyes peeled for little random acts of snail mail!

I’m starting with these and I’m not going to say so much that they are resolutions…those never work out for anyone! These will be more of my long term/short term goals.  Who else is feeling inspired this year to change things around? What are some of your goals you made for yourself?? After all….it’s possibly the end of the world as we know it!

I’ll be posting more this week with recipes, adventures, and other such blabberings!

Happy New Year to you all! Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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