A Bah Humbug Story

The countdown has officially begun. Which countdown? Oh silly you! Obviously not the countdown until Christmas! Naturally, I’m talking about how much longer until I’m driving to Switzerland to pick up my family!!!

1 day, 33 hours, 1993 minutes, 119625 Seconds……make that 119624 seconds…oh wait…119623. You got it, count with me now!

Excitement doesn’t even cover what I’m feeling. I think stressed is more like it! I just want everything to be perfect. This is collectively their first time to Europe and for two of them, first time out of the US. One went to Mexico for work but that was a disastrous suicide mission. So I want this to be perfect, I want the house to glisten, I want their Christmas away from home to be one of their greatest memories. I know, that they will love this no matter what – I have a super easy going family, but in my mind…it’s something straight out of clockwork orange. It’s all a mess and crazy and miscombobulated! Got that?

Not only that but this is the first Christmas that Toblerone, Harley, and I will have together. I know…we’ve been together 3 years…that sounds weird right? Well the first year Toblerone went to visit his brother in Michigan (who was there for a internship) and Harley wasn’t even a thought yet! The second year, Toblerone and Harley moved on December 19th to Germany (and then I followed a few months later.) So I need it to be nice for that reason too!

Want to hear a funny story? So I wanted to get a fake tree but here in Germany they are TERRIBLE looking. They have three options all named after different parts of the US( ie: Salt Lake, Aspen, Anchorage.) Wretched things. Toblerone’s Uncle who is the mayor sells trees from his town and offered to give us one from his stock. We went to grab one quickly, he threw a giant one at us so we went home to take a closer look. What do we find? A few things to make our already stressful days a completely fire of rage!

1. The tree is about 3 feet too tall.

2. There are random branches that are longer than the others. Not to mention the branches wouldn’t come down at all – they stuck up straight to the sky!

3. Giant gaps between branches brought me to tears.

4. THE TREE(s) WAS(were) A(A) SIAMESE TWIN(s)!!!!

This tree was worse than Charlie Brown’s tree. In fact, at least his tree was somewhat proportionate! This was all sorts of whack and impossible to decorate. I know how much you all would love to bask in the glory of my madness so I took pictures just to show you how incredibly painful this is. We immediately took the bastard outside and threw it in the woods. (Actually, we felt really sad and had to reason with ourselves why we would do such a cruel cruel thing!)

Giant lopsided mess

Two bodies, one private part

Today we went on a search for another tree but it seems Germany is out of trees. All that is left are the Charlie Brown types…or ones that are full on the bottom and not on the tops. Maybe I should start by telling you that the type of Christmas trees they have here are NOT what we have in the US. I’ve never seen a tree like this so I can’t even describe it but they are pretty bare on the tops it seems. We’re off AGAIN (third times a charm right?) in hopes of finding our perfect tree. If we do not succeed, well then I’ll tramp on up to the woods myself and get me one!

I bought all these GREAT ornaments and I had a lot given to me as well so the tree will be full of memories old and new.  Lesson learned…NO waiting until the last minute anymore.  Maybe you all have a few tips for me on this tree hunting thing. This is so new to me, I’m a lover of the fake trees!

I can’t wait to show you guys pictures of all the fun stuff we’ll do while they are here. From Lighted waterfalls to Christmas markets, shopping, and all that fun stuff! All the cultural mingling we will do! 🙂 And once again, I have to test my translating skills.

Happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! Until next time, Readers!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


……1 day, 32 hours, 1967 minutes, 118032 seconds…1189031…..1189030……:-)

9 thoughts on “A Bah Humbug Story

  1. Kacy;
    That ole tree is an opportunity in hiding. Lets see Tobi and you get your creative side fired up and show what you can really do.

    PS. Can it stand up straight?…………(:-)

    • Hi Daddy,

      We really tried but it’s a lost cause…or maybe our last hope if we can’t find one on our third trip tonight! It couldn’t stand up too straight because one side had more branches than the other!! Crazy talk!



  2. “Two bodies, one private part” bahahahaha! You seriously had me laughing so hard. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family! 🙂

  3. It’s always an experience getting trees in a different part of the world. We have our ideas and other people have a different idea – not saying one is better than another :)!
    Have a Happy Christmas with your family.

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