You Tell Me!

I’ve decided that I’m going to start doing more adventures…adventures that YOU, my loyal readers, tell me to go on. If you can think of things that you want me to do here in Germany or the surrounding countries, then leave me a comment in detail of what you want me to do exactly and I will see to it that it gets done. As long as it’s not completely ridiculous like bungee jumping off the Alps or what not. I don’t have THAT much courage!

This reminds me of this show I used to LOVE watching when I lived in England called Treasure Hunt. Brilliant show! The contestants worked in the office with clues and maps and there was this girl who traveled around in a helicopter trying to find the next clue with the information the contestants found and gave her. Here’s a clip of the show. The girl is at an amusement park (another one of my FAVORITES) called Alton Towers.

I’m too young to sit around and not live my life so I’m open to your ideas for blog posts, adventures, if you’re planning to come to Germany what you want me to give you a review of! Let me know! I’m excited for this! (Not sure Toblerone will be but he’ll get over it!)  I can also do video as well if necessary so send me on a treasure hunt! Do some research, pick a place, and tell me what you want to see! I can’t wait to hear your ideas!!!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxo

2 thoughts on “You Tell Me!

  1. Ha! Annika Rice, won rear of the year one time. My son loved this programme as well, so we got him the board game and he kicked my butt every time we played.

    Alton Towers is bigger and better than it was when I first went there in 1970 something or other. Was back there again when Nemesis first opened, long time ago now it seems.

    See if this is a go or not.

    A picture of you, drinking beer from an authentic stien with the Brandenburg Gate somewhere in the background, the closer the better.

    I shall keep my eyes open for a response ok.

    Good luck.

    • I was absolutely obsessed with that show! Whenever I used to go visit my Dad in England that was on my top list of things to see! And then of course Alton Towers. I was there around the time the Nemesis first opened too and haven’t been back since! I LOVED that haunted house…well, it’s changed now but the original one. So cool!

      Brandenburg Gate, this is do-able! We can plan a weekend to Berlin since it’s almost 8 hours from us. This could be a great adventure!!! THANKS! It will be done!!

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