I Joined A Nudist Colony and Didn’t Know It

Toblerone and I recently signed up for a new gym which is totally awesome. Every kind of class you can think of (currently sore from BodyPump), squash, and machines galore. I love it there and I think Toblerone found his new hobby too! Of course it comes complete with a sauna so that’s why he really loves it. And then…there is the women’s locker room. Full body nudity is gratuitously displayed.

This isn’t a newsflash since I’ve talked about this before, the whole nudity thing here is beyond what I can explain. Last night I think I went into a state of shock from being violated by a 250lbs (or more) ass looking me straight in the face as I tried to tie my shoe.  My head was bobbing from side to side trying to avoid being another casualty in the fight against body weapons.

So here’s the situation that I just can’t grasp and I know this is a cultural thing. For example, there were two girls just chatting away about Christmas and shopping, the usual chatter in a women’s locker room I would suppose but then there they went…both naked and continuing talking about what not and heading towards the communal showers together. Now, I have lots of close friends…and some of them I could handle being naked in front of, however, with a room full of strangers around us…I think not.

In the US, we all know the men’s locker room looks similar to this situation. The women’s locker room was always a bit nicer and more reserved because we are ladies and classy.  In the US we even have changing rooms which I used often. In this locker room here, there are no changing rooms at all. No individual stalls for you to get dressed or undressed in privacy. I could technically use the bathroom but that’s just gross and made for an ant.

Will I ever get over seeing nakedness? Probably not. Walking in and seeing a 75 year old woman standing there naked then bending every which way to get her things gathered is NOT a pleasant sight. Just sayin. The floor has never looked so good.

This is where the confusion comes in though. The Germans are very reserved people. You don’t see them strutting there stuff in mini skirts or low cut tops. They don’t sit around and talk about inappropriate things (like I do..lol) or boast about their sex life. It’s simply just not talked about.

The Americans, however are crude and much more relaxed about everything. We talk until we turn blue about things that are inappropriate but yet, we can’t just get naked. We’re much to reserved in that area. What is that about? I will definitely NOT partake in the Sauna experience at this gym. Co-ed nakedness is too much like a nudist colony for me! Good lord people! I did not sign up for this! I am not paying 50 Euro a month to see that! That’s what strip clubs are for!

The actual communal shower at the gym

Either way, I don’t judge them for doing what they do…it just makes me WAY uncomfortable and my working out experience has now been changed forever!The images….omg…they.will.never.leave.my.head!!! Now I’m really noticing how I was raised and the difference of how other countries raise their children.

In other news, my family will be here in 13 days and I could really use some American time over here! 🙂 NO NUDISTS ALLOWED! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook!!!

Until next time, Readers! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

10 thoughts on “I Joined A Nudist Colony and Didn’t Know It

  1. Hey there, I am a 30 year old guy living in the US and I have had to teach myself how to get in and out of the men´s locker room in record time. Not all guys are cool with strutting their stuff (or lack thereof) in front of total strangers, and unfortunately, my gym sounds no different than yours. Perhaps some people just don’t mind baring it all amongst people they barely know. I, however, prefer to time my gym visits during the off peak hours to avoid unpleasant encounters with 75 year old men. Think about it! 😉 Good luck!

    • Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels so weird about this!! For me I just can’t grasp growing up and being ok with this as a child or as an adult. It’s a totally different world out there!!

      Thank you for stopping by, James!

  2. That’s a lot of ass to be assailed by!

    Communal showers in the UK are nothing new around gym’s and sportscentres.

    We managed to wander onto a nudist beach in Majorca. Once we realised, we beat a hasty retreat 😉

  3. I live in America, and the locker room you described there sounds like the women’s locker room at the Y that I go to. Communal group-shower room, and lots of women walking around fully nude.

    It doesn’t seem to matter what age they are, their more than happy to walk around completely in the nude.

    A local high school’s girls swim team practices at the Y that I go to, and after their practices those girls prance around in the nude in the locker room like it’s their own private bathroom. They even stand there naked in front of the mirrors blow-drying their hair and doing their makeup.

    To be honest, I wish that I had their confidence!

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  5. My husband and I have a vacation home in upstate NY (Finger Lakes); we’ve vacationed there for over 20 years.
    Sorry to get to this conversation late, but if you would like an authentic Korea Sap experience (after this COVID-19); try King Spa in Pallisades Park, NJ. The spa and body scrub are great experiences and while the spa area is total nude, it’s segregated by gender. Kids are welcome too.
    Kimberly W, your story reminds me of swimming and showering on the high school swim team. We had to use a Y and yes, open showers everyone completely naked. Half the moms would drop in the locker room to wait for their daughter to shower. So we were not only naked with our friends, but in front of their moms also.

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