Elegant Chicken – YUM-O

Fresh off the plane back in Germany after a lovely vacation in the US (Miss you all already!) and without sleep I decided I would get right back into the swing of it. Unpacked our giant over-sized suitcases, cleaned up, put laundry away, and made dinner. PHEW! Housefrau right back into it, YEAH! Tomorrow Toblerone and I are off to sign up for our gym membership at a really great gym which I am PUMPED about!    So, to celebrate going to the gym, since that needs some celebrating obviously, I decided to make one of my favorite dishes – Elegant Chicken.

Indeed this is the most elegant of the elegant chickens! I’m not exactly sure why it’s called Elegant but I would imagine it’s the cheese and wine that makes it seem a bit more than your average chicken dish? Who knows but it’s SO simple, only requires a few ingredients and it’s incredible on the taste buds. I did have to wait 8 months to make this since I needed to buy Cream of Chicken soup (Germany doesn’t have such a thing!) but it was well worth it…and Toblerone gave me his kiss of approval!

What You Need:

Boneless Chicken Breasts

1 cup of white wine – I use dry white wine since I like to taste it a bit more but the sweeter wines work as well.

Swiss Cheese slices (1 slice per chicken breast)

1 Can cream of chicken soup

Bread Crumbs


Prepare yourselves for simplicity. It you want something fantastic with a very short prep time this is your dish!

Saute the bread crumbs and butter until crumbly. There isn’t an exact measurement but I just add to it depending on how many chicken breasts I’m cooking.  Start small and add more as you wish. I like more than the typical “sprinkle” (see below) but this is your own preference.

Place chicken in a casserole dish or pan and place one slice of swiss cheese over each breast. In a separate bowl mix the can of soup with the wine until there are no more chunks of soup.  Pour wine/soup mix over chicken. Lastly sprinkle (or pile like I do)  the bread crumbs on top.

Bake at 300 Degrees F/ 148 C for 50 minutes. VOILA! Guten Appetit!!

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Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

3 thoughts on “Elegant Chicken – YUM-O

  1. I love that dish but how do you make these Bread Crumbs?
    Slice them by hand out of old bread? Or is it something you buy from the bakery?Thank you!!

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