A Grave Discovery

Back when we went on our hike through the Alps on the way home we stopped to check out a church that was up on a hill however, I was way too tired to move any more and Harley the pup also was against it. We parked in a random parking lot and as I was looking around I saw a grave yard. And who did I think of when I saw this? Why YOU of course! I thought to myself, “I definitely need to go take pictures of the graves here just for my loyal blog readers.” So I blame you for this creepy blog post, however perfect time of the year with Halloween just around the corner!

So before you think I’m totally insane/morbid/creepy or all of the above let me explain. When I was younger (and still now) I LOVED going to really old grave sites. You know the ones that are hidden in the middle of a forest or off the beaten path? Where the gravestones are falling over and almost or at times illegible. I was always a bit of a History buff and this really intrigued me.

What intrigues me is how beautiful the grave stones are here in Germany. I mean…seriously! It’s like the stones are polished every day, the flowers are watered without fail, and people are never forgotten. Granted, when you pick out your stone in advance you have to be ready to fork over $15,000 or more. Which I think is absurd but check out the pictures below, you’ll see what I mean. You can have them complete with waterfalls or for 5 people…crazy stuff!

So call me crazy but I think these are beautiful! Even though I looked like such a creeper with my iPhone out snapping pictures. What really got me was some of the “residents” have been there since before 1980 but yet there “doormats” are still in pristine shape. I guess you know what you’re paying for with all that loot you have shell out!

How many of you think I’m a wicked weirdo for this post? Go ahead…say it, I won’t be offended!! 😉 I guess it’s no different than people posting pics of La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, right?

Until next time, Readers!!!!! xoxoxoxo

2 thoughts on “A Grave Discovery

  1. Okay, I’m confuzzled. The church owns all of the land therefore all of the living inhabitants of Deutschland dwell in prison yards (albeit gorgeous ones if they use your landscapers) but when you kick the bucket, you’re surrounded by pristine, luscious grass, flowers, plants and granite? Fail!

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