The Finished Garden – FINALLY

As you all know from my previous posts that our yard was in the process of being overhauled! It’s complete now and I’m prepared to show you the aftermath. (I was waiting for the grass to grow.) So, don’t be shocked when you see how small our yard is…everyone here says it’s really big, which at that time I laugh in their faces and tell them the tale of living in America with acres of land to play in. However, we will make it work for us! I’m still trying to find a lilac tree here but no luck ;-(

Let the games begin. Enjoy the slideshow of “Before and After” pics. And then I expect to have all your comments/ideas on how to accomplish my English garden. I’ve bought loads of bulbs to plant from all sorts of flowers which will start going in the ground once it begins to cool down here.

I can say though that I’m SO glad this is finished. Now we just need to get our outside furniture and put up a fence (so our nosey neighbors can’t watch us from their windows anymore) and off we go!

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Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

6 thoughts on “The Finished Garden – FINALLY

  1. Congrats Kaitlin!!
    It’s absolutely stunning! Beautiful! What does the front of the house look like? (Like when a car drives by). It is so nice!
    I enjoy reading all of your blogs! I even share them with co-workers!

  2. Princess, get your spring bloomers in I hope you got some Deutschland Tulips. Your other bulbs could wait if they need to. Your concrete retaining wall out back is a natural canvas for an artists murals especially as a backdrop to the tub. You could also turn an artist loose on your boxes of rocks with great results.

    • I think this weekend we are planting the bulbs I have. I’ve got some great ones and definitely tulips of all sorts of colors! They have so many blue flowers to choose from which is exciting for me. I love blue flowers! What do you know about planting roses?? I remember us having them in England but can’t remember the upkeep!

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