30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 28 (A SPICE BIRTHDAY!!!)

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Ha… Perfect topic for today!! Just another reminder, if somehow you forgot, but today is my BIRTHDAY! I could barely sleep. You know that anxious feeling you get the night before your first day of school or a big game? Yeah… That’s me before my birthday. I’m always excited to see how it turns out!

So… As a birthday gift I would LOVE it if you would be sure to subscribe! The option is in the top right under “Sweet Tooth.” All you do is enter in your email, hit the button, confirm the subscription confirmation in your email and voila! You’ll get tasty little bits to your email when I post a new blog! After all, you wouldn’t want to make me cry on my birthday would you?!

So I’ve made it to 5,500 views since starting this beast of a blog in January! Very happy about my small contribution to the blogging world!

Here’s a pic of me this time last year:

Me in Cape Cod for my birthday! This year we couldn’t go so that’s already different!

What has changed? Everything! I was living in the US still, didn’t really think about going to Germany at this point. Was doing well in my job and started a new treatment for my chronic back pain which we think is caused by Endometriosis. Look it up if you don’t know what it is. So the treatment was putting me through menopause basically for 6 months. HELL in other words. I packed on a bunch of pounds that were out of my control, endured heaps of hot flashes, and serious mood swings. lol, I was a peach! At any rate…that was what I was dealing with then and my life was pretty simple!

Now, I’ve moved my whole life to Germany – all my things are here but it still feels empty. I do miss the life I had but I also like the challenge of living here brings. It’s not easy, never is but I get by. I don’t work now which is strange since I’ve been doing that since I was Sfull time. I just have to be. I’m soul searching to figure out where I stand in this new life and where my place is in our small family. It’s struggle but it wouldn’t be fun if it was too easy, right?

What have I learned in the process so far? That living away from your family is NEVER easy…and life goes on for them just as it does for you. You will miss birthdays and anniversaries but it’s not the end of the world. Also that taking life by the horns and testing out the waters across the pond is scary but how many people can say they’ve been able to do this? Not many. I’m so lucky to have this opportunity (again!) and these memories.

I’m wishing you all a great day! This birthday girl is off to start her day. And to find that GIANT spider that found it’s way into our house. I’m sure it’s just waiting to surprise me on my birthday. (I’m talking it’s the size of my palm!)

Update: After I wrote that about the spider…I got up to clean and lo and behold, the beast was hanging out in my sink after I lifted up a pan to wash it! Psycho girl went into effect and gasps for air and loud screams could be heard outside. The landscaping guys were slightly concerned.

Anywho you know how the story goes!

Until next time, Readers!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

4 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 28 (A SPICE BIRTHDAY!!!)

  1. Once again, Happy Birthday! May your massive spider encounter bring you ample good luck for the coming year. Look forward every day to checking in to read your blogs. So entertaining! Lovin’ You!

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