30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 21

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

Easy enough….my baby!! Harley Jones!!!

We got him when he was 6 weeks old from a breeder and he was the sweetest little thing. Then we got him home and the terror began. He was a crazy little man and didn’t let us sleep and continuously convinced us he was a Vampire. I used to go to work looking like a murder victim. Blood coming from every space of my skin. He had such sharp little teeth and used to bite us.

Then as he got older, he decided he wanted to run the house and wouldn’t listen to us at all. He held us hostage in our own house. The barking started and the numerous dead things he swallowed whole because he wouldn’t “drop it.” Seriously, what did we get ourselves into?

But then….Now, he’s 17 months old and he’s starting to listen really well…he handles guests much better and doesn’t jump on them nearly as much. He’s become the sweetest little guy and is increasingly sweeter with each day. When I see his face and look at these pictures of him I just get all overwhelmed inside with love. He’s my own little baby!

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UPDATE: So Tobes and I are off to a cute little hotel in the mountains a few hours away. We will be there until Saturday. Looking forward to the massages, champagne and breakfast in bed, and getting away from having to clean. I’m beyond exhausted at the moment. I cleaned until my face turned purple today so I could come home to a clean house. I’m such a house wife. Anywho, I’ll have lots to tell you about after our adventure. And no worries…I’ll post the blog posts! Can’t wait for this crap to be over with.

In other news, my 27th birthday is exactly in 7 days…one week. I feel so old. And so unaccomplished. I need to work on that!

Until next time, readers! xoxoxoxo

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