30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 19

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

I suppose the rest of you can learn my name…not sure I like this idea on the 19th day. So, you should know before I continue that we have guns in our bed side tables…pepper spray…flashlights that will blind you…and a VERY aggressive dog.

My name: Kaitlin

My nicknames:

K….Kait….Kati….KK…Keekee….Kit…Kita…Kates…Kay-o….Kati-did…Kacy…Kacy Face…Cakes….CupCakes…Bubs…Kface…

And there are a few others but you get the point. Why do I have these names?? That’s because at some point in someone’s life they decided that they cared about me enough and loved me enough that they wanted to make me a closer friend.

I think nicknames are the sweetest things in the world. They are endearing in their own nature. If I give a friend a nickname…that’s because I love them and think of them much more highly than the other sardines that are in my life. Ha, no..just kidding. But when you’re close with people..it’s easier to shorten their name.

Thats the end of that!

On my way back from IKEA! So upset they didn’t have my four post bed there. Looks like I’ll be ordering it online! I got my 1932 B&W pic of the harbor closest to Wall Street of NYC. It’s beautiful… And large! Perfect for my office which I will have a blog about that once it’s complete! You all know I’ve been talking about that forever! Got a few other items so.. Thing are looking up!!

I’d say it’s a lot harder when I’m not working. I want to buy everything right now but I have to take it slow! It’s so hard on a girl!!!

Until next time, readers!! xoxoxoxo

2 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 19

  1. Before you were born, your mother always wanted a Kate and I wanted a tom boy named Casey. That is how you wound up with the initials K,A.C. Gave us both what we wanted (even a little tom boy from time to time)…..:-)

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