30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 18

Day 18- Plans/Dreams/Goals You Have

I’m super late on writing this…it’s passed dinner time here (7:40pm) so I suppose I best get hopping! I’m at day 18 and with 12 days to go…I can do this. Then, I get back to the blogging about what the heck is going on here. So much stuff to tell!!

Instead of writing my blog earlier, I was fixed on laying in bed and finished Season 2 of Vampire Diaries (I know, I’m a dork) and having a couple glasses of wine. Where did I find the time to do this? Oh well, I have the most amazing man in my life and he handled all the gardeners (which by the way the jacuzzi is up! Not running, but it’s placed!) He brought me a glass of wine…later made me a turkey, cheese, and cucumber sandwich and I got to sit there in my GLORY! All day! šŸ™‚ I stumbled around here and there and played with Harley but for the most part…I claimed today as a do NOTHING day! Fabulous.

In other news, the yard is starting to look AMAZING! They placed soil down today and grass seeds as well. Can’t wait to see some green in my lawn other than weeds! Ā I can’t wait to give you all a full report with before and after pictures. It’s great! I’m on a mission to find a lilac tree…and if they don’t have them here? I’m shipping one in from the US. End of story! I must have it. They are still finishing up the walkways around the house but that should be done on Monday. Toblerone and I go on vacation and by the time we return, I hope all is DONE!

And a sneak peak just for you….You’re all invited! šŸ™‚

So…on with the task today. Plans/Dreams/Goals…easy enough, right? In no particular order….

1. Finish my book(s)

2. Make sure Harley has the best life a dog could have…complete with continuous playtime and snacks – regardless of children entering my life.

3. Get proposed to – married (twice to the same man)

4. Have 4-5 children, god willing

5. Kiss an elephant ear (don’t ask)

6. Own a house on or very close to the beach in Cape Cod…preferably Chatham.

7. Move back to the states

8. Learn to play a super complicated piece on the piano.

9. Spend more time with my family (all of them – cousins too!)

10. Learn German fluently…then I’m tackling French!

11. Travel to Australia, Italy, Thailand, Greece, and making regular visits to the UK and Ireland

12. Become an English teacher here in Germany but I will teach them AMERICAN – English. Not British English!

13. Save up lots of money

14. Go on more date nights with the Toblerone

15. Write more letters – snail mail style.


Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxoxoxo


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