30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 5 AND an Update!

Phew! Who’s getting sick of this blog challenge?! I’m on to day 5 and with 25 more to go, I hope I can make it! You would think it’s easy to just write a little blog every day but it’s super difficult to write about yourself every day for 30 days! Anywho…on with it!

So Quick little update on my life: THANK THE HEAVENLY STARS ABOVE, OUR GARDEN PROJECT BEGINS ON MONDAY!!!!! Seriously, I thought this day would never come. From no phone calls back from the company and being delayed for one month do to random nonsense I am so excited that perhaps I will be able to sit in my jacuzzi on my Birthday (the 22nd of August for those of you who are sending me lavish gifts that include diamonds, shoes, and peanut butter.) I was going to have a large party to celebrate the garden completion, an official house-warming, and then of course my birthday. I canceled this now only because it seemed a little too rushed and complicated with all that’s going on. Instead, a smaller gathering will suffice! 🙂

Today had everything been going according to plan I would have my feet on American soil…clearly this is not the case. I’m a little forlorn. I was really looking forward to seeing my family. I hope we can go in November now which is great – this means I WILL have Turkey Day after all with my folks! Can’t wait!! :-)) AND, I won’t miss out on all the pumpkiny-awesomeness I’m obsessed with!!

Day 5 – A Picture Of Somewhere You Have Been

Please Note: The pictures I’m about to post are not mine. The ones I have were before digital cameras were even cool and I currently don’t have a scanner so these are close enough to the views I saw as well.

Ahhh, soltiude. Beautiful slice of earth here at the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland. This place gives me goosebumps every time I see it. I traveled there when I was young, maybe 11 or so and I can remember it so clearly. Incredible views and this was back in the day when they didn’t have a fence up to keep you from getting to close to the edge. People would crawl to the edges and lay down just to get a glimpse of the water below and the ocean ahead for miles. To me, it’s like a big puzzle piece. Cut just right.

This place is really special to me because this is my earliest memory of when I started to grow up. When I realized the difference between making sure I had enough things to do in the car so I didn’t get bored or spending time with my family. Difference between playing with Barbies or grasping the fact that I was privledged enough to be in this place at this time and getting to experience something most of the people I knew would never know.

I wish I was able to put everyone I love on a plane and fly them straight here to experience the wonder of this place. Thus, bringing me to the idea of WEDDDDDDDINNNGGGG!!! I told myself then that I would get married here at the Cliffs of Moher in O’Brien’s Tower. I thought it would be the most perfect place but I was young, naive and didn’t realize that plane tickets are so expensive! A girl can dream right? And since I won’t be marrying an Irish bloke, It’s a little complicated considering I’m having two weddings as it is. Maybe we can throw in a small 3rd one here….or maybe an Anniversary renewing of the vows. This is all crazy talk – A girl can NOT have 3 weddings. Or…can she??

Imagine standing out on that rock – “I’m Queen of the Woooorrrllldddd!!!” – Whats up now, Leo? Anywho, I believe Toblerone and I are heading out that way in September for a week to celebrate his birthday in style! Can’t wait to go back there after 16 years. Was it really that long ago? Omg…I’m getting so old!

Until next time, Readers!! xoxoxoxo

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