The Best Time To Give

I want you all to stop what you are doing for a moment and listen to what I’m about to say. Or read rather.

Imagine that one morning you wake up and your partner, your spouse, the love of your life who you’ve spent the past 11 years with and just married 6 months prior, doesn’t wake up. And then imagine, that no one can tell you why. You’re in shock, you’re not sure what to do, you have questions that are unanswered, all the things that stop you in your tracks and make you think….”What the hell?!?!?” or “Why me?!!?!?” or “Why them?!?!”.

There is a wonderful memorial for Matthew Baldwin here at this link. Please click to go to the page to learn more about Matthew and the people he loved and loved him in return. I urge you to watch the videos that were made for him. I’ve personally never met Matthew or his beautiful bride Brittany but felt so overwhelmed by this story that I felt it necessary I pass it on and allow others to help. I’m a friend of someone who knows these two very well and I wanted to do my part! Karma is everything, friends, you never know when you’ll need help from a stranger in a time of need. The funds will go to his wife Brittany to pay for obvious expenses or however she see fit.

How to help:

Option 1 – Go to the link and click on the paypal option in the top right using the button “Donate.”


Option 2 – Wells Fargo. You can either walk in or make a call. They are all over the country. Be sure to mention that it is for Matt Baldwin Memorial Account and it’s a “Benefit account.” They should not have a problem looking it up in their system from there.

Matthew was 33 when he left this world and although so young I can tell from his pictures and stories people share about him  that he was seriously living life, much more than I have. He worked for Nike at his dream job and has an incredibly family that loved him more than anything. His smile is infectious and his eyes told stories of fun, love, and life.

Things like this are never fair and I know that giving a little or a lot goes a long way for one person who is hurting.  For those of you who are married or recently married…consider that life is fragile and you never know what will happen. Hold those you love close to you.

My DEEPEST sympathies go out to the family, friends, and his beautiful wife Brittany. I hope that the pain subsides and smiles reappear. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or in 2 months, but eventually. From an outsider, a stranger as myself – I can see that you all made Matthew’s life absolutely incredible and well worth every moment.  My heart is with you.

Until next time, readers. xoxoxoxo

2 thoughts on “The Best Time To Give

  1. I really enjoyed what you said about Mr. Baldwin and those that loved him. Was it determined what caused this young man to leave this earth far too soon?

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