30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – The meaning behind your Blog name

Ok on to day 2 of the blog challenge and today I must explain to you the deep and meaningful reason I chose the blog name of “The Diary of Sugar and Spice.” Hmm….this is a tough one. It’s definitely something you just can’t figure out on the surface at all!

Enough of me being sarcastic. Sorry. I guess I chose that name for a few reasons. When I was younger and all the rage was to read “The Diary of Anne Frank” I kind of got hitched on that idea. Even though I had to wait 6 months before it was available in my school library. That was the old days, kids – the internet was not a happening thing in every household. I couldn’t download it through Amazon for my kindle! So back to the idea, I thought,  How cool would it be to turn my journals into books? Then BAM! – I’m a millionaire! Unfortunately, for Anne Frank that is not the case.

Then came the “Sugar and Spice” idea. It’s pretty straight-forward but I always say that a girl is full of the sugar – sweet, thoughtful, kind, yummy goodness and then the Spice – neurotic, jealous, manipulative twits! I’m not afraid to admit it…I teeter on both ends of that stick! So….lo and behold the  meaning behind my blog name. Nothing fantastic…nothing special. It just seemed to fit. And there ya have it!

Until next time, readers! xoxoxo

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