30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 10 interesting facts about yourself

There ya have me….in my glory at 8am in the morning! That reminds me, I still need to brush my teeth!  🙂  So as promised I told you I would do a 30 day blog challenge with a new topic every day. Here’s the thing…I broke a piece of that promise because I said I would start last Wednesday or Thursday as to which I didn’t!  Fail on my behalf! So without further ado…let the games begin!! Topic today as shown above is a recent pic of myself (taken fresh two hours ago today) and 10 facts about myself!

1. I’m a war buff in a not-all-knowing kind of way. I could watch war movies all day every day. I’m not sure what the appeal was but my Dad always had this interest in the Civil War and growing up in Maryland I had the connection there. Gettysburg is a fantastic movie, My top 5 favorites along with Tombstone. Great stuff there people! If you asked me when the Civil war was or specific details I wouldn’t know that, lol. I know…blondie!

2. I realized I’m a daughter of the sea. I ache to be near the ocean every day. Especially now that I’m in Germany where the ocean is approximately 6 hours away from me. It’s painful. Last year we were in Cape Cod and on our last day, we went for a quick walk down the beach and on our way back, I stopped for a moment and took it all in. I can remember so clearly now – the smell, the way the waves washed up. The entire scene plays again and again in my head. I hold onto that memory so tightly careful not to let it escape me. And with that, I’m able to live in these mountains….for now.

3.  I’m a writer, not just a blogger. Like a real one or rather I hope to be one. Funny story actually how that came about. I’ve been writing in journals since I was really young, maybe 8 or 9 and one day my Mammaw Pearl saw me writing in my journal and told me she had always thought I would become a writer. Back then I thought she couldn’t be more wrong about me, however, a few years went by and after I started to find myself the dream of becoming an actress or somewhere in the fashion industry dwindled just as quickly as I realized that my creativity was meant for a pen and paper. I’ve been working on a book and slow as it is coming I’m excited to finish it. Whether it goes somewhere or not, the fact that I have this finished is all I want.

4. Following in the creativity suit, I also play piano…not very well and not nearly as well as my 17 year old sister who is a phenomenon as it is. I write music though, nowhere near a Billboard award but it’s a great way to get out all that pent up nonsense inside. I don’t have a piano here and I miss the piano at my mom’s house. That’s been in our family for ages and certainly got it’s use over the many years it’s been around. Maybe someday I’ll buy a piano for this house, until then I’m thinking about breaking into the church and playing there.

5. I’m a damn good cook. End of story! Ha, just kidding. I never had to cook for anyone before and once I met Toblerone I actually was excited to throw myself into it and start learning. I followed recipes step by step and figured it out. It was really fun (and starting to become expensive) but I never made something that came out tasting like garbage can or looking like  frog skin, so I’m lucky there. I think my mom and dad definitely gave me the cooking gene. A combination of awesomeness! Baking I learned from my mom but I can’t say that I’m any good at it. I’m ok, but not enough to gloat about it! Recently, I tried to make Linzer cookies…major major fail. 

6. I am terrified of needles but only the kind that takes away my blood. When it comes to getting a shot, it’s easy breezy for me. It’s something about where they put the needles and how exposed your arm is. I mean, why does it have to be on the inside of your elbow? What is that?!?! I guess no matter where they put it it won’t help my situation. Thus being the second problem. I would love to be a doctor…or even a nurse however, I would NEVER be able to take someones blood or insert an IV. I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I’m considering hypnosis so I can get over it and start poking people. Who’s with me? Looking at blood is no problem, touching blood…also no problem but it’s the act of actually inflicting pain and pushing through skin that bothers me. I would never be a good serial killer. 

7. I have way too many clothes and shoes. And now, most of them I never wear. In my closet everything is color coded. It’s easier for me to find what I’m looking for that way. Only thing thats not is all my dresses. I have way too many to count and they are color coded by themselves in their own section. I know…I’m either just weird or OCD. Not sure which yet!

8. I live by the seam of my pants. I’m never really 100% sure about anything but I do it anyway. When I was in the decision making process of whether to move to Germany or not, in all truth. I didn’t think about it. I mean…yes I thought about it but didn’t really THINK about it. I figured, go…see how it works and if it doesn’t work, worse case is you got to see another culture and you have to come home. Big whoop right? Yeah, then when I got here and realized how much stuff I brought with me….no just kidding. Once I got here, I kind of just went with the flow. Wasn’t sure what was going on half the time and moved around on autopilot. It’s setting in a little bit now (5 months later) but I’m still not too homesick. Nothing that isn’t manageable I suppose. So – it was a good decision nonetheless and I’m lucky I’m surrounded by great people here. 

9. Somedays I wish I walked out of a black and white film – a musical to be exact. Judy Garland as my sidekick and Fred Estaire as my dancing partner…Frankie Boy (Sinatra) my one love affair…oh to dream! Musicals and old movies developed me. Of course, giving me a false idea of how love is – nowadays it’s way harsh! However, this starts my love affair of black and white pictures…I can’t get enough of them. I have a few copies I made from my grandparents and these pictures are incredible. How can you explain your young grandfather sitting on a ledge with his straw hat, a fishing pole made of wood, and an old tin can filled with worms? Or your grandma, sitting in a chair with her one leg propped holding onto her dolly with the sweetest smile on her face. (You can see the pictures here). Amazing. Really. Now you can just snap pictures in a heartbeat with your phone or digital camera. It’s not the same anymore. I’m sure had I known what it was like, I would be missing the simpler times. 

10. I love love love to read. I remember being younger and if me and my friends saw anyone reading, they were immediately dubbed – NERD!!!! And now, I’m ready to take the heat. Yup, I love to read…and I’m a nerd. How’s them apples? I never really have time to read but I’ve been trying to fit in a few minutes before bed. Trying to keep my mind sharp and it doesn’t hurt that there are usually small selections of English books in the bookstores here. THANK YOU GERMANY! I would go crazy! 

SO – this concludes day one. I know, it’s not the normal stuff I write about but this will just have to do!

Until next time, readers (which is tomorrow!) xoxoxoxoxo

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6 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

  1. I absolutely LOVE reading these! I’m starting to notice quite a lot of similarities btwn us! ❤ yay I knew u were my long lost sister!

  2. All the best luck on your 30 days challenge. It surely will be treat to read them all.
    And yeah, have a wonderful stay in Germany.

    • Thank you! It’s been tough, but working hard and trying to write them ahead of time when I’m feeling inspired so on days I have no desire to write they are pre-done! 🙂 It’s the best way to do it!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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