Bikes R’ Us And 6500 Year Old Huts

I think the last time I rode a bike…like really rode one for hours on end without fear was probably when I was 13 or 14? Possibly earlier. Over ten years later and here I am…with a gift. An Easter gift from the in-laws-to-be…a bike. Let me rewind. This was given to me as somewhat of a joke because on Easter weekend after lunch and my massive hangover from the previous night, Toblerone’s old man wanted to show me the section of woods he owned where he cuts all his fire wood and ours too for that matter. In order to get there you either ride your moped, or bike. He chose bikes for us. Lovely. I hop on more like stumble on and as we’re going along, the handlebars are out of control and my flip flopped feet would have preferred to be on the ground. There comes a point in the road we can either turn left or right, thats it, the only options, and as his dad tells me to turn left, I go straight, Straight into a ditch and a field. Instead of using my breaks I used my flip flops. Needless to say….I was completely out of practice! This story is now a favorite for his dad to tell and honestly I don’t blame him.

HOWEVER, friends, this weekend I was brave enough to attempt a bike ride with the Toblerone. I was stalling quite a bit prior as he waited outside for me…in all honesty, I was a little anxious. I knew that going down hills was tricky for me. We hopped on our bikes and off we went towards my new gym. We wanted to see the best way for me to ride my bike there and 4 kilometers later we found ourselves at the brewery. Ha. Oops! Stopping for a beer we headed back home afterwards. And I didn’t fall off ONCE! Who’s impressed???

Oh and did I mention it was another religious holiday? Not sure what was going on but there were little things similar to the one you see here. Check out this house (or what you can see of it) it’s in my town…crazy old huh?

Speaking of OLD…We also went to the lake of Konstanz again but to a different part and went to this outside museum of houses or huts rather that were built 3500 years B.C.making that 6500 years old. Holy Nuts people…thats old. So, I went through this whole museum thing thinking that these had been here the whole time in perfect condition. Since I have been a house wife…I’ve realized I don’t use my brain as much as I used to and towards the end, realized that what they had found was bits and pieces of this stuff in the mud  and deep in the lake so those that found it this way, built it up with the tools or similar to the ones they had back then. To learn more about it you can go to their site, in English:

These huts were built in the water because there were too many trees on the land so it would have taken them too much time to remove the trees. Novel idea.

“Hey Charles, I don’t really feel like cutting down all this wood to build on the land, so lets just cut the wood down and put it in the water…whaddya say?”

In the museum itself they did have many of the original pieces they found submerged in water to protect them but it was incredible to imagine and to see how they lived and how advanced they were for their time.

Then of course since we were on the water we finished our day with lunch in which case we ate fish!  What else! :-))

Until next time, Readers!!!!


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