Geburtstag Fest – Birthday Party!!

First of all, I apologize for my lack of posts lately. Life has taken over and I’ve been a busy bee. Plus, the weather is nice for once so I’ve been trying to enjoy that as much as possible. Maybe get a little bit of color on this pale freckly Irish skin before I return to the states in 32 days!!! I can’t even tell you people how excited I am to get home. I’m starting to feel a little bit homesick and I got to see my family (including Grams and Gramps) on Skype last night and I SO badly wanted to reach through the screen and squish them up in a big bear hug. I also decided that I will celebrate my birthday earlier so I can spend it with them, so mom, plan for my chocolate chip cheesecake!! :-))

Since we’re on the subject of Birthdays – I happened to attend my first German Birthday party for a good friend of Toblerone. He turned 40! A great milestone and obviously one to celebrate! Typically, Germans set up their own birthday party. They supply the cake and decorations and food. This party was super fun. Of course I was only able to speak to a few people but had a good time nonetheless.

Toberlone and I brought over a keg the day before and set that all up. Tents were placed and many seating arrangements were set up. I don’t know what it is but wherever we go here, the standard for seating is picnic table style. Think Oktoberfest! Everybody getting all snuggly with strangers. I prefer more of the intimate setting…you know – on my own island! ANYWHO…I brought my Erdbeerkuchen which thankfully I had Skyped with my mom during the process and she reminded me I was missing a VERY important that put a little bit of a damper on my schedule! Also, I made mini caprese on a stick!  So cute…and these went so fast I didn’t get a chance to take a picture! I’ll make them again at some point! Many other people brought different salads ranging from green salad, noodle salad, potato salad (thats a given) and then we had the main meal. Pig. And yes…it’s sweet little snout was pointing right at me. I refused over and over again and walked away and decided to eat salads all evening. It’s just wrong. And it’s wiggly tail….no longer wiggled…UGH! sorry…I’m traumatized and want you all to feel the pain I feel!

Moving on, We all we able to choose a mug that the birthday boy had been collecting from Flea Markets for over a year! Such a cool idea. Each were of the same color but different style and size. Along with that he was playing music from the past 40 years – German Party Music. This in itself is hilarious. Of course we get a few songs from the musical, Grease and The BeeGees but also some really random songs that make you want to do the Polka. Oompa Oompa!

My favorite part of the evening…. GAMES! Who does party games at the age of 40? Well…now I do! I forgot how fun these Germans are. They still do sweet things like games at their parties and it’s actually really fun and hilarious. One game was something silly that his brother and sister-in-law put together. Another had me actually in tears! Check out the pic below, I’ll explain.

There is the yellow team and the green team. Both teams have the exact same letter that one man represents. The man standing in the middle tells a funny story about some old people or something. I didn’t quite follow that but whenever he said the name of the old man who was “Johan”, whichever team stood up the fastest got one point. They also got a point for spelling out a few specific words the fastest. In the second picture you can see them scrambling over each other to spell out one of the words. What made this funnier was the fact that everyone had quite a few drinks by this point and it had rained all day so the ground was slippery and muddy and these guys were flying all over the place or not spelling things correctly. Hysterical. Yeah you had to be there but man oh man…good times!

Birthday boys uncle (older man) brought out his accordion and all were singing traditional German songs and I had a flash forward to what I think Oktoberfest will be like. I can’t wait!

It was a good time had by all and I think Toberlone had more of a good time being with his old buddies and laughing, making inside jokes, singing loud as hell….the usual ridiculous boy things that friends do.

Until next time, Readers!!!


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