White Wine Sangria – Splash Into Summer

I LOVE a great drink and more importantly, one that tastes good!

Super easy recipe for White Wine Sangria. It’s great for get togethers or summer BBQ’s.

I normally always double my recipes since I have more than 4 people over our house but here is the single recipe:

1 750ml of DRY White Wine – chilled

1 Cup Strawberries – washed, and halved.

1 Small orange – Cut into slices, leave the peel on, remove seeds

1 Large Red Apple – Cut into slices, leave the peel on, remove core and seeds

1 Bottle of your favorite ginger-ale type drink. I use Sprite.

Place all the fruit in drink container and pour the white wine over the fruit. Keep refridgerated. When it’s time to serve, you can use an ice-cube or two, I don’t. Pour into white wine glass and quick splash of the sprite. VOILA! It’s easy, fast, and SO incredibly tasty!

Another way I love to do this, if you want to get really fancy is:

1 Bottle of sweet champagne,

1 bottle of white wine

2-5 shots of peach schnapps (depending on your desired sweetness)

Mix altogether and cut up peaches and strawberries. Extra good!!!



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