To Greener Pastures

I wish I paid more attention to my step dad when he was building things or fixing the deck. Or when my mom worked on her vegetable garden or planted flowers. I have a very “beginners” idea to yard work and now I’m realizing I REALLY need to know these things.

Toblerone also has this raw idea of how things are to be done. He understands that these landscaping tasks could be easy, however, he never had to learn them either. So we’re both in the dark. Reminds me of this commerical:

Now, I mentioned that I was going to tell you about the quote for our incredibly wonderful and beautiful yard *sarcasm*

First off though, Here’s one design idea we were given:

So, what exactly are we looking at here? Well the bottom of the page is the front of the yard where my darling rock crate thingys are and the top of the page is the back of the house. It a pretty simple design, I think.  However, I’m not totally sure what the issue is with having grass here but these people are totally against it. Most of the neighboring yards around us are covered in stone. Literally, instead of mulch or flower beds, there are stones. Bunch of crazy people!

I like this design but I don’t appreciate all the stone. Sometimes it’s nice to have grass to lay in or for our pup, Harley to fertilize! Gotta think of these things, people!

What I do like, is this:

The area in the top left is stairs that go down to a platform made specifically for our jacuzzi. I love the idea of having a bit more privacy. I don’t want to sit in my hot tub and give our neighbors another reason to stare at us! The Brady bunch that lives across the street act like Paparazzi. “ohhh look! The American girl is breathing again!”

And for your viewing pleasure, another close up of the front yard.

This is also ok for me, I like the idea of the steps that lead down to the driveway. It’s too high to jump down and it’s annoying that we can to either go back through the house or around the outside of the house to get there.

As for the quote….drum roll please……

………35,000Euro, convert that and you get $50,000……… I know, I know. Contain yourselves. I about jumped off the roof myself. Thats insane. Completely crazy and I don’t know the breakdown yet but from what I understand, the labor cost is the majority of it. It would be done in 2 weeks. This for me is ABSOLUTELY not ok. There is nothing extravagant like a statue of me being carved out of steel and then placed. I mean, HELLO! Where on earth do these people think they can get away with this? Hell no. Not Happening. NO WAY, Olga! Head back to the hills before I get all Crazy American on you!!

 So, there you have it folks. We are now looking for cheaper quotes, maybe looking into what we can do ourselves or enlisting the help of knowledgable friends. All of the above.


2 thoughts on “To Greener Pastures

  1. You owe me a new laptop! I dropped mine when laughing so hard at that quote.

    Just kiddin.

    The instant reaction is to laugh, more in amazment than anything.

    Back to the drawing board methinks.

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