IKEA Shopping Spree

Each week is getting easier, I swear it! I clearly miss my family, but do I miss America? I’m not sure yet. I do know that Germany has a very old and magical feel to it and I absolutely ADORE it. I try hard to immerse myself in the culture when I can and of COURSE keep you all updated on what I’m experiencing.

This week we celebrated the 24th birthday of Toblerone’s brother with chili con carne, my Erdbeerkuchen, lots of family and friends, and a playboy magazine. For you American boys, wondering what issue it was, we bought him the Top 100 European Playmates. What does this mean? Not many blondes with fake ta-tas!!! Enough about that!

A former co-worker from the states also joined us for Dinner one night so it was nice to speak to someone without an accent and someone who gave me a reminder of home. I think it was also good for Toblerone to have his old pal here to drink massive amounts of German beer and bless their little cups of whiskey (which were awesome thanks to my whiskey stones I bought him for his bday.) At any rate, we feasted upon some 36 hour marinated pork tenderloin, spaetzle, and salat.  Dad and brother stopped by to join in the fun, have a little snack, and then they were back on the road to home. All was well!

On Friday afternoon, I met up with my friend and we went to an Ice Cream Cafe and chit-chatted about everything from Zumba to gross Romanian men gawking at us from the next table. It was nice to have conversations with someone like I do with my best friends back home. I need that. I feel a little misplaced without the girlfriend side of my life so this is great for me! After that, we went into a great hair salon and made an appointment for me, my GAWD do I need to get these highlights fixed! My head looks like Tara Reid’s mess.

Saturday morning Toblerone promised me to a 5 hour shopping spree at IKEA! GAH! Who is so lucky? ME! For those of you who are thinking about our poor dog, no worries, he was at his Omi and Opi’s house for the day/night for some serious walks and play time.  So, off we went, early in the morning to get the worm. The only time I ever went to IKEA was when I was maybe 12 or so when I was in England. It was 5-stories tall and I remember these announcements constantly asking people to stop what they were doing and look for missing children in the store. lol. Great Parenting skills there!

We actually managed to get through the store and purchase boatloads of fun stuff in about 2 hours. Here’s a preview of what we stuffed into our car!

                                    We got two of these bad boys! Needed for our storage room!!


                 This is the picture from IKEA, but it’s great for our small downstairs bathroom. It’s got plenty of space inside for the basics. According to most, this looks like: American Style. 🙂

    I’m in the midst of turning one of our guest rooms into my “Cape Cod” room. I’m not only obsessed with the nautical theme of the navy and white stripes but equally if not more obsessed with Cape Cod. It was my wedding venue of choice until this move happened. So, I transported the sand and some shells from there and they are throughout the room. You’ll see this once it’s finished! However, here is a dresser I picked out for this room.

    And of course a few random items I picked up along the way. Imagine those kids that sit in the cart and as mom goes to check out she’s finding all sorts of things she doesn’t remember grabbing. That was me. I just put my arm out and cleaned off some shelves along the way! The ever necessary pretty napkins, meat smusher (what is the real world for this?), heat pads for hot pans, etc., the tray for ice tea and lemonade for outside, and cinnamon apple candles (my FAVORITE!)


We picked up everything in their massive storage place and BAM! I’ve turned Toblerone into carpenter. Thankfully, he is able to follow directions and all the projects are under way. Next up, the foosball table for our game night on Good Friday with friends! I’m thinking about making really fun drinks for this and good appetizers. Any ideas?

 IKEA purchases totaled $300 approximately! I mean, HELLO! What a deal for all of that. I can’t wait to go back and fill up the rest of the house. Slowly but surely, it’s all getting done! 🙂 

To wrap up we went to a great music concert which I will elaborate more on with music clips (if I become tech savvy in the next day or two). Great stuff!  Oh! And we got a quote on some landscaping idea some one designed for us. Wait till you find out how much it will cost!!! All these things coming this week!

Now I’m off on this Snuggle Sunday to Toblerone’s soccer (fussball) game where he is quickly becoming a team favorite. Scoring goals and in the paper constantly – I think we have a star on our hands here, folks!

Cheers for now readers! Until next time!


6 thoughts on “IKEA Shopping Spree

  1. Nice to know we are not the only ones to suffer gross Romanian men who ogle and leer at any woman within range.

    Looking forward to this quote.

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