Erdbeerkuchen – German Strawberry Cake

It honestly was almost the death of me. I mean, try making things (and not even from scratch, mind you) and reading the directions/recipe in German. It’s not easy for someone who is just learning. Thankfully, I have Toblerone who took time out of his busy day to translate everything to me!

Today is his brother’s bday and per his request, he wants Erdbeerkuchen. I know, you alcoholics see “beer” in that and think it’s something fancy made with alcohol. *insert a game show’s wrong answer sound*

So, to better document, of course…PICTURES!!!!!

Vanilla Cream Pudding placed on Torte

Strawberries cut into halves.
Important: Omi said the strawberries need to be very dry. It’s best if you let them sit out and dry off for a bit.
Now I bought one large package of strawberries (500g) but that wasn’t enough, 600g would have been perfect I think. So I rearranged the strawberries to fill in the spaces a bit more, naturally.
The fun part: Gelatin. It’s the death of me.  I brushed the gelatin on each strawberry before it turned into, well gelatin. You want it warm and more liquidy. (Is that even a word?)
After I brushed each strawberry with the gelatin, I poured the remaining onto the Torte making sure not to let it run down the sides, that’s important. Literally, as I poured it on, it didn’t move anymore so this all happened in about 15 seconds, with camera in hand. I’m a genius. Admit it.

So it’s now in the fridge, awaiting it’s appearance at the Birthday party. I always get so nervous when I make German food, for Germans. It’s fierce competition with those who have been making these dishes in their families for centuries. I’ve got a lot to live up to! However, this is a pretty easy cake, if you can read in a different language. The American websites are very inconsistent with one another so I have to trust what the locals say. (Or should I?)
Wish me luck, readers!! It’s bound to be a berry good time!  (So lame, but had to use a berry joke!)

4 thoughts on “Erdbeerkuchen – German Strawberry Cake

  1. We make similar here in the UK with regional variations. On a summers day, theres not many dishes more refreshing.
    I tend to spoon the gelatine over the strawbs it gives a more even texture, but thats neither here or there. Maybe I should try brushing it instead?
    Good luck and have a great time.

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