Landscaping Without a Green Thumb!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that our house was built and designed by the mayor of this town. He ran out of money and had to sell. Clearly his eyes were bigger than his wallet. Obviously, not the smartest cookie in the jar because he drilled massive holes in our walls and I mean a lot of them!! Reference: the blog about the bathroom and see what I’m talkin about. Awesome-sauce!

Along with many other things that need to be finished, we have to design and put up a big ole chunk of moola to get our yard finished. Below are some pics that I took of what it looks like on the outside. We’ve got a lot of work to do. You’ll see the weird rock crate thingys they use as decoration here. Absolutely not. It looks like an unfinished jail or something!! Toblerone states it has something to do with the water or something, but I really don’t care. I’ll slip the landscaper a 50 and tell him to rip it right outta there! Nuff said!!!

The front deck

To the right side of our front deck

Directly behind the house with sheds

Driveway full of dirty small rocks

Backyard view

Crazy crated rock things...

Front door and steps

Our backyard - all the way to the concrete wall

Front of the house with rock crate thingys

I don’t have a green thumb, as they say,  but I would like one. I’m not sure where to begin and how to really plan for a garden. I saw this picture in a Pottery Barn and fell in love with the simplicity of it and the globe lights above. I have to have this and I will. We have a small backyard so I’m trying to figure out how to do this without taking up too much space! Maybe instead of a 10-seater table, I’ll break it down to 6 or so…need some tall trees placed strategically, beacuse oh how the Germs love their sunshine!

Is that not the cutest thing? We obviously don’t have too much privacy as most of the houses are very close together, so I’m contemplating a large fence or thick trees.  So far for sure we need a space for the jacuzzi , I want a vegetable garden, and a small pond with a waterfall area, and a place to sit and eat/drink outside with friends. Too much? Maybe so….but I think we can make it quaint without cluttering it too much.

We have two sheds out back where it’s very shady all the time so I’m thinking we may remove one or both of those as we have SO much space here in the house and the garage.

Who has some ideas for me? Any one have ideas for the space we have?

Looking through some options that they advertise here, it’s quite different. Take a look at some of the houses here and how they do their gardens. In some cases, it’s like thay don’t want any grass whatsoever. Hmm…different.

Here’s some pics I found on the web but it doesn’t really give you the full idea of what I’m looking at. I have to pick a certain stone, then decide on the size, the color, the placement, the design….oy! This crap is for the birds! I say, we hire a designer and I tell them what I want and they can do it, I’ll go on vacation, come home and BAM! It’s perfection!

Seems to me I’ll be following a very modern style, thats pretty much all they really offer other than some Zen garden stuff, not a fan of that either. Oh well! We’ll see how persuasive I can get with some English style gardens 🙂

We should be narrowing down choices for stones for the driveway soon and also have the guy who originally set up the rocks out front to come and check it out for us. He originally didn’t want to talk to us – come to find out Mr. Mayorpants didn’t pay the company their money for what they did. He probably won’t be elected into another term.

5 thoughts on “Landscaping Without a Green Thumb!

  1. The mesh crates of stones are to prevent the land from slipping away from underneath. It looks like the property is slightly elevated to the front, so you have to sure up there as the lands natural slope would make it impossible to build there without some form of retention. This is an eco friendly kind of way of doing it. Removing them would be a huge job now. What you can do, is buy alpines which will prosper in that kind of environment and plant up and in a couple of years most of what you see will be hidden under a carpet of low maintenance alpine flowers which are very delicate in looks, but hardy as they come. Thats an option.

    I am pretty sure that if you look at the other available options of forming a reinforced barrier to prevent land slippage, you wont like what you see and will accept that what you have now is more preferrable. Also planning regulation could be playing a part here. With care and attention and a good design, theres a great potential, but the surroundings look so sparse, you will probably end up looking somewhat of an oasis in a concrete desert.

    There are so many straight lines surrounding you, which is great if you like that effect. I find it too harsh on the eye and prefer softer lines, lots of sweeping curves which will somewhat tone down what you see right now. But, its a matter of taste and vogue.

    4th picture down is more to my taste and adds diversity and a habitat that will sustain growth and encourage insects and birds to visit and play their part is maintaining natures balance.

    Good luck, it will be interesting to see how this project develops.

    Ex Landscape Technician!

    • Wow! I’m impressed! THANK YOU for helping me understand. I get bits and pieces explained to me so I’m somewhat confused as they throw catalogs of choices at me! lol. However, the alpine flowers idea is excellent and I will absolutely look into that! I hate the look of these rocks in crates. Can’t we just make a stone wall (sealed with concrete)? That to me seems much more appealing to the eye then bars of steel in my front yard!

      I’ll keep you posted on the decisions at hand! Lots to do!! 🙂 I may be using you in the future for some help!!

  2. I LOVE all of your ideas, but especially think a small pond would be Gorg. You should put some coy fish in it to make it extra zen 🙂

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