Deutsch 101

I’ll be attending a German Language class for the next 20 weeks. Every Monday and Wednesday for 1.5 hours. This week, I attended my first one. My regular teacher was not there, but they did have a substitute. Thankfully, Toblerone dropped me off and walked me to the class which is located in a school.

For 180 Euro I get 20 weeks of this class, but I have to buy the lesson book and no snacks are included. What exactly are we paying for?? Anywho…So the substitute teacher immediately greeted me and asked me for my name in German. Ok, thats alright..I knew that much.

In my class there were many people representin’ (you know…trying out that city talk stuff) many different countries such as, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, Portugal, Romania, and Australia. Only nine people total, including myself which is good. Did I mention this is a beginner class? Or it’s supposed to be!

The teacher began and not ONE word was spoken in English! GAH!!! Everyone had to go around the room and say, in German of course, Their name, where they are living, where they are from, and what languages they know. It was super difficult because well, I DON’T SPEAK GERMAN!! So, I tried to take what I do know and smush it into sentences. Then you had to turn to someone in the class and ask them about themselves, ummm…also didn’t know how to say this! I literally looked at the teacher with big wide eyes…hands in the air..shrugged the shoulders. I felt like I was back in 4th grade during math period. Mrs. Witter – I’m scarred for LIFE!!!

Class continued on and I found that the majority of people in the class were able to speak German. Oh great, I thought, I really am the dunce of this place! Thank goodness I pick up on languages fairly quickly. Keep in mind, I entered this class on their 6th night. They already had 5 other classes ahead of me and obviously had the basics. Our lovely teacher called on me several times and I didn’t have a clue what she was saying but was able to pull together and follow along and answer as best I could.

German isn’t difficult to understand, it’s just a matter of them speaking slowly and saying it over and over again. At first I was a little upset that they didn’t speak any English at all, how am I supposed to ask a question if I don’t understand how to ask it?? Ah, whatever….I hope by the end of 20 weeks that I will have a good understanding and can move on to the next level. I’m going to keep going until I can write blogs in German. Yes, I will surprise you! I’ll keep you posted on my survival progress through this course!

I’m dragging you all along with me through this!!! Can you believe I live here and don’t have a clue what is going on when people talk? I mean just imagine it for a moment. You’re doing every day things like going for a walk, to a restuarant, using an ATM, grocery store…and no one speaks to you in English. All German at first. Then you give that stupid look like, “Ummmmmm…..” and laugh uncomfortably. Yeah, thats me. The laughing stock of Germany!


See if you can understand what is being said – This week we learned family trees!

1. Lisa ist die Tante                                     

2. Andreas is der Onkel

3. Paul ist der cousin von Sara und Tina

4. Niko kommt aus der Ukraine

5. Elsa is die Oma

6. Otto is der Opa

7. Andreas ist der Sohn

8. Stefan, Robert, und Andreas sind Bruder

9. Lisa ist die Schwester


Now for the English translation. You’ll see what I mean that it sounds similar once you know the words!

1. Lisa ist die Tante         –  Lisa is the Aunt                             

2. Andreas ist der Onkel          – Andreas is the Uncle

3. Paul ist der cousin von Sara und Tina     – Paul is the cousin from Sara and Tina

4. Niko kommt aus der Ukraine      –  Niko comes from the Ukraine

5. Elsa ist die Oma         – Elsa is the Grandmother

6. Otto ist der Opa       – Otto is the grandfather

7. Andreas ist der Sohn             – Andreas is the son

8. Stefan, Robert, und Andreas sind Bruder     – Stefan, Robert, and Andreas are Brothers

9. Lisa ist die Schwester         – Lisa is the sister


Primo! Bravo!  For now, I have some homework to do. Let me get to it!

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