Dinner Party, Cheese Plate, and Super Moon

Now that I have a home big enough to fit more than two people comfortably, I’m all sorts of excited about having dinner parties and the like.  It’s great to have people over and to meet new friends here. Since we’re a couple…we know many couples so it’s always an even number. I don’t know why but whenever I think about even numbers of people I immediately think of amusement parks and how we would all be able to go on the same roller coaster without one person having to sit alone. (clearly, scarred from that experience.)

So last night, Tobes and I spent the majority of the day shopping. First stop: looking for a table cloth. Not easy to find at the first place and weird awkward colors like bright blue stripes or chocolate brown. Nothing that matched our decor so on to the next place (same place we bought our bathroom set from.) Here we found only a few options for the size we needed. I wanted a creme colored or off white and found a great one….. for 69 Euro. UMMMM…..thats $98.00 peeps. Apparently, thats typical here. I about cried. I felt sick…got the shakes a little bit. However, Toblerone loves me so much and knows how imporant it is to me to have the house look so nice for when guests arrive, so he bought it without a worry. (Mom, I need table cloths! Remind me to buy them when I come over next time!)

Heres’s a shot of what we ended up getting…the wallet a little bit lighter!

And the close-up for those who care about the pattern and color.

On the menu:

Curry Chicken, Spicy Pork Chops, Salad, Potato Salad, Rosemary & Thyme Bread, and for dessert German Apple Cake (American Version of course.) For appetizer…I do my favorite thing ever… Cheese and Fruit Plate. Ahhh yes….these things, people usually don’t even come close to finishing but I think it’s the best decoration you can have on the table. There was a place back in Maine I used to frequent called the “Wine Bar” and it was awesome. I would always order bottles upon bottles of good wine and get the cheese plate. So so good and I miss it!

Usually, I can find better cheeses but Toblerone has a hurt ankle and didn’t want to be dragged through the cheese section any longer! However, the yellowy cheese (top in the picture) was phenomenal! It comes from the Alps and to DIE for. The best I’ve ever had!  For a better shot with the ambiance of the fire for good measure:

And of course my German Apple Cake!

Guests arrived…bellys were filled and friends were made. All around a good evening! 🙂 As most of you know the Super Moon was out and I didn’t have a clue! I really need to start paying attention to these things. Such a blonde!! (and it’s not even natural!)

I took Harley out for a walk and was pretty shocked how light out it was for being 10pm. Then I hear some weird howling/yelling noises and think…”oh great…frickin coyotes EVERYWHERE!” So…I run back inside with Harley and mimick the sounds I heard to the guests and they laughed and told me it’s some type of huge bird that comes out only at night and sings/howls.  They are telling me it’s a “Eule” – google that and you find an Owl. An owl people!! It sounds like a dog! Anywho…grabbed some cool shots of the Super Moon from our side of the world!

Harley of course was wonderful throughout the night. As any untrainable puppy would be. He loved EVERYONE…ALOT. Of course, he passed out as soon as they all left so in some senses it was good but my god what a handful when friends are over! He just wants to play with everyone! I don’t want him to grow older, I just want him to listen! Even training isn’t working. lol. Oh well…He’s our “Harley and Me.” 🙂

Harley is a human…More on him in another post but for now…here’s some shots of him hamming it up for the camera. He takes after his mother, obviously!

Harley the Bobble-Head:

He’s a big Ham with great teeth! What a smile!!

And of course…wanting to play more! This is the ONLY toy that he has not destroyed. LOVE IT! From West Paws and it’s the ZogoFlex toys. Awesome…that is the stuff to last!

The evening was wonderful! 3 couples..great food…great chitter chat. Starting this coming Wednesday, I’ll be starting my German lessons which go for 20 weeks! I hope I can enjoy these dinner parties more since the  majority of conversations is spoken in German.

More on how the lessons are going next time! 🙂 I’ll keep you all posted!

2 thoughts on “Dinner Party, Cheese Plate, and Super Moon

  1. Just lovely, Kati. Everything looks appetizing and, I’m sure, delicious. You do a wonderful job of making a great table. We’ll go shopping for more tablecloths when you are here.

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