The Autobahn – aka Ride to a Quick Death

I’m not afraid of rollercoasters..nor am I afraid of any kind of ride, truthfully. Most of the time, I’m not afraid of my own driving (most are) however, for the first time in my life, I really and truly thought I could die at any moment whilst on the Autobahn.

I’m quite sure that this is probably the best thing Hitler brought to fruition in Germany, before his crazy ways he did a lot for the economy in Germany and gave lots of people many jobs. Something I must have missed in history class.

The Germans are known for their precision – we see it most in the cars they build. (BMW – MERCEDES – AUDI) These cars are built for speed, tight curves, and small spaces 🙂 But, I can definitely see it in the Autobahn.

The Autobahn itself is impeccable. Never a pothole, completely smooth pavement…no road kill. The “fun” part is the fact that there is no speed limit, although the suggested speed is 130 kilometers per hour…thats 81mph for those of you who need the conversion. That’s the suggested speed! WHAT?!

My previous post about driving to Munich for the soccer game…excuse me…football game, I mentioned how it took us 2 hours and 45 minutes where really Munich is a little over 3 hours from us. Yeah…thanks to my boyfriend’s lead foot and the Autobahn, I now have a new fear of driving. We averaged about 200 KMH which is converted to 124MPH. For those of you who think you’re good at drag racing or driving fast….you’re not.  This is a skill these people are born learning.

It’s one thing to be going 100mph but going 124mph, there is a vast difference. So, to put it into perspective….I can feel the car accelerate and I know we are about to go fast, but don’t really have a clue how fast. Then my hand goes to grasp the side handle of the door…tigther….and then tighter. Other cars are coming up on our tail much faster than us, I reckon they are going 220kmh (136mph). Then my mind starts thinking about the fact that the front wheel tire is low on air and could fall off or explode — I have no idea, it’s just going to do something. Then I turn into an old hag and ask Toblerone to slow down – IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE THE TIRE IS GOING TO FALL OFF THEN WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE AND HARLEY WILL HAVE NO PET PARENTS AND I’LL NEVER TASTE NUTELLA AND BABYBEL CHEESE AGAIN!!!!!!

That all happened in a total of 5 seconds. No lie.  There were times though I had to distract myself as not to notice the speed or that the trees we passed were a green blur. Awesome.  So, instead of being a passenger side driver, I looked into our next vacation. Let’s have a vote. Use the poll below and tell me where we should go! ( No worries, you don’t have to sign up and it’s not spam.. :-p )

I’m not sure I will ever drive on the Autobahn, I’m sure I will be at the suggested speed or lower…in the right lane. (There’s only two lanes mostly and very few Emergency break down areas.) One thing I don’t like, is all of the rest areas…you have to pay to use the bathroom. So what do I do? Of course..defy everyone and everything and just jump over the barrier. Yeah, I’m a badass.

To distress, I’m hopping in our giant bathtub — so close to getting our jacuzzi ready!! YES!


3 thoughts on “The Autobahn – aka Ride to a Quick Death

  1. I expect you to survive while being in Germany. At least until you can speak enough German to be able to give your name, address and nearest kin to the kind policeman pulling you over for driving like an old lady.

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