The European Transition

Many moons ago, my dad lived in England and I was lucky enough to visit for many years. It was awesome. I absolutely fell in love with England and the way of life there. I miss it every day and I think I always knew I would make it back to this side of the world eventually. I was meant to be here.

I think I’ve transitioned quite well and so far am loving it! Today we had some time to walk around a larger town, Rottweil, Germany…close to where we live..maybe 15 min drive or so. Not even. Anyways, this town is so adorable and typical toy-town Germany. It’s great! You feel like you just walked into Hansel and Gretel’s hometown and meeting Heidi at a cafe that the Von Trapp’s own and work at. (If you people don’t know any of those characters…we are not friends. End of story.)

Basically, I’m just going to post pics and I’m sure you can gather the idea of quaint cuteness all on your own.

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More pics and info on the transition later…for now, it’s bed time for this girl!  Gute Nacht freunds!

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