Modern vs Traditional

Ah, yes…the big question when it comes to decorating your home. I think I may have mentioned but incase I didn’t…here in Germany, buying a house is a little different. For one, you take all your light fixtures, with you…secondly, your entire bathroom set-up (ie: mirror, cabinets, etc.) also get ripped off the wall and you take it with you. What in the world is that?!

So, the previous owner ripped everything out of the bathroom except the tub, toilet, and two sinks, leaving us with a million huge holes in the tiled walls…awesome. (And to think the previous owner was the mayor of the town. Smart man.) Shown here:

If you look closely you can see what I mean with the holes. Looks insane. (Sorry for the mess, we currently have no cabinets or anywhere to store all of our excessive amount of products.)

So, off we went on a quest to find the perfect bathroom set. Something, I never thought I would have to do. But hey, taking it all in stride. The majority of what Germany has to offer is fairly modern. I always considered myself to be traditional or not totally old-fashioned but a little bit of vintage tied in. You know – “homey.” However, being here and feeling a bit brainwashed by looking at it daily, I have given into a modern style set. Thats ok though because I am TOTALLY in love with it! Expensive…but awesome!

We are having it custom made by Leonardo Living to our liking but this is the store models to give you an idea:

Directly in front of you is the we are purchasing. It’s one sink (instead of the two we have now) and more counter space and obviously the drawers below. LOVE this. It’s simple but has great space for all my “crap.” The mirror is very large and is equipped with the perfect light – aka. doesn’t show any flaws. Thank you, MIRROR!

Obviously, I need more space than this so we will eventually order an additional cabinet for the right side of the counter but thats for another day. We did purchase two side shelves that attach to the mirror. Shown here in white but ours will be gray to match the drawers of the sink.

Love the idea of the “sunken cups” I didn’t know what else to call them but these buggers are VERY expensive. The unit includes one (1) little shelf…each shelf is 72Euro. What the?!?! The unit plus one shelf is somewhere around 170Euro…stupid. You would think all of this would be included! Nope…not at all. Jerks.

So after my shock of that…we also will be purchasing two towel holders that are extendable, shown below ever so lovely by Toblerone. lol. He’s the next Vanna White.

Each is also something like 80Euro each. I don’t even know anymore..ridiculous! So I told him to wait on those and we will find a similar store to Home Depot and do it ourselves for a fraction of the cost.

After all of this, we are getting all pieces for around 2,200 Euro I think, plus 150Euro gift card to the store, plus delivery and installation for free. Fantastic! I should point out that delivery and installation are not always free here. It’s a real pain to get them to do this. Thank goodness Tobes is able to translate and get what we want.

During all this, we were given capuccino’s…how cute! I could get used to this!

Did I mention this would be 6-8 weeks before we see this?!?! OY!!!!

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