Groceries, Carnival, and Grilled Cheese

So Carnival…or Karneval in Germany originally comes from a Pagan festival originating out of Rome and Greece, however the Christian community adapted this celebration. It’s basically the European version of Mardi Gras for us with a mix of Halloween. Each week is something different but from what I can gather while being here, each town has their own crest and whatever the story is behind the crest is the costume the entire town wears. Men all the same, women all the same. In Tobi’s hometown…he has a chicken costume (with equally strange mask) and the women wear old maid costumes (SCARY faces.) – See Above. These were worn in February right before I arrived, thankfully. Perfect concoction for a series of nightmares.

To see more of each town in the south of Germany – Check out this link. Many costumes are worn throughout the following weeks. So far, in one of the first two days here I was looking out the window of our house and see scray witches walking around (not knowing what the hell was happening!) and feeling VERY frightened suddenly. I started to close all the blinds in the house, lock the doors, and then remembered…oh yeah…crazy Germans! This is COMPLETELY normal!

Along with normal….wait for this fun fact. Last night Tobi and I were talking (aka. Me in my robe with a giant glass of wine in hand) and we hear the doorbell ring. As Harley goes hog wild and attacks the wall trying to get to these people or things, I’m running up the stairs! Customary to Carnival is to wear a costume of your choice (queue: Halloween) but most of the costumes are hand-made and not as skanky as ours in America (boring). So arrived the beekeepers, Queen bee (was a male), and the worker bees. Hilarious! Those who are donned in their get-up go from house to house in costume and invite themselves in for a drink with the home owners. No one can tell you who they are and they talk in strange voices so you can’t detect them. Oh and what I thought was hilarious, we all toasted our drinks and each one of them turned around to lift off their face masks so they could drink without showing us who they were.

In the basket you can see to the left…they had a maxim magazine with a “new cover” telling us that these were their worker bees (aka…nekkid ladies in skimpy underwear) They shared a shot with us of honey schnapps (almost puked!) And invited us to go with them next year in costume. The Queen Bee danced the “bee dance” with me and they were back in flight to the next house.

Since when do people let total strangers with masks on into their house? The Humanity!!

After that adventure we traveled to the grocery store and grabbed a bunch of things. Toblerone showed me the ins and outs so I knew what I was doing but ….

Already colored eggs to purchase? People…don’t be lazy!!! All the fun is in doing it yourself!

So out of all the things I found to eat….I chose to make a grilled cheese. Ha… American! Or as the Germans say… Ami! 🙂

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