These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Not only do I love being in picturesque places that inspire me but oh LORDY do I love food! I wish I was a proclaimed foodie but I honestly don’t know enough to be that. However, I can appreciate a good meal and by meal…I mean many courses! 🙂

This isn’t just in restaurants but even when we eat at Toblerone’s Parent’s house for dinner, we are graced with many courses. This is not to say that I don’t love how the US eats. We throw everything on the table and go to town like a REAL feast…’s more of a slower process. I finish one thing, barely able to wait for the next.

Breakfast and dinner are included with our stay so of course we made sure to be promptly sitting at 8:30am and also 6:30pm. Ok, maybe not everyone else but I sure as hell was!

Now, each night was different but I’m going to give you the run down of tonight’s adventure in my mouth.

Pumpkin Creme Soup, Umm…does anyone not know how serious my pumpkin obsession is?! Hand in hand as obsessed as I am about Peanut Butter! HOLY CRIKEY! I about passed out when I tasted this. PHE-NOM-NOM-I-NAL!

Followed a few moments later with this amazing Salad, just basic greens but what made it special was the homemade dressing if you want to call it that. I would call it orgasm on a plate, suckers! No but seriously, the dressing was a secret recipe so I was told but from what I could gather it was a creme and oil mixed so it was quite watery. Plus loads of garlic…muahahahahhaaaa 🙂

We had more time for talking and drinks in between…for me, Spezi – coke and orange juice mixture as well as a Merlot. Fantabulous. Dinner came shortly after which I chose the pork with spaetzle noodles in gravy. Good stuff people!! You’re all missin out!

Then came the last installment of greatness. Dessert. People eat dessert here for lunch for crying outloud! Do you know how hard it is to diet in this place?! Good GOD! Anywho…to continue my blabber… it was a warm chocolate cake with whipped cream and jam sauce, also bourbon ice cream in egg liqour. Yeah, I know sounds gross..and it’s super nasty if you try to drink it straight (don’t try that at home…TRUST!) However, think egg-nog plus 8 gallons of whiskey. It’s crazy strong but great and usually put on their icecream here. It’s a cool part of their culture…just dig it!

What can I say…I’m missing my momma’s(love you mommy!) cooking but this will do for now!
Gute Nacht!! xoxoxo

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