Somewhere in the Mountains (Continued…)

Today was interesting. I’m cranky, so I guess it’s not that interesting or surprising for that matter. I slept terrible, fell asleep approximately 30 minutes before the alarm woke me up. So, I’m trying to keep positive throughout this blog but I’m sure I will fail!

So to recap last night, after working out for hours Tobi and I enjoyed icecream (hell with calorie intake on holiday!)

The live entertainment was hilarious but so cute! Our waitress turned into the entertainment. She had her keyboard set up in the dining hall and as we were sitting at our tables enjoying our wine and dinner, all the sudden we hear this very loud “thunder sound.” And then…she began. Oompa—Oompa—Oom- Pa-Pa! That carried on until 10:30PM or so.(Can you sense the negative undertone?) It was really nice…had I told you this story yesterday, I’d be glowing…today however, not so much.

Anywho…so back to this morning. Slept like crap and was not looking forward to the day as much as I should have been. Maybe it’s my “transition period” but I’m lazy as hell right now. Probably just Jetlag but still!

So Tobi wants to take Harley and myself to the mountain and take the gondola to the top and hike around the slopes. Great idea, although, taking a very untrained one year old Labrador around all these people and other dogs didn’t sound great after all. 

Harley was terrible. I’m in the process of trying to train him since I have so much free time but he’s just not listening. His poor throat must be sore from constantly choking himself as we walk. Every dog, every person, every spec of snow, branch, pine cone, stone….he has to smell and approach everything. Using his 80lbs to drag us along. We walk maybe a quarter of a mile and I’m put out. I don’t want to go any further. Excuse me if I want to sit in the snow and stomp my feet and whine and cry about how I hate this trip. (So I wasn’t sitting down…but doing all the rest.) Yes, at 26yrs old…I still have temper tantrums. Not ashamed here, people!

Nevertheless, we reach a little lodge/bar and attempt to sit down and enjoy the view and everything but that was once again impossible with Harley. I’m not sure what to do with him anymore. I’m frustrated and no longer have the patience for him to just “get it!” Sometimes, I think about giving him away. I just can’t handle it anymore and just like Tobi said, “He does whatever he wants in life and we get to do nothing.” Heck with this noise!

 I had enough and dragged Harley back to the gondola…to the car….to the hotel room. He needed a nap and I needed a gallon of wine. CHECK! I had some weird white sausage with sweet mustard and bread and Tomato Crème Soup. All very good and gave me a second to find my happy place, if there was any bit of that left after today.

 I get it, I’m a baby and there are worse things in the world like starving people in other countries or war, or whatever. I’m grateful to be on this trip but it’s so hard to enjoy it when I’m dog-sitting. I’m allowed to have bad days, and this is one of them.

 I can’t wait to get home to my things and continue unpacking! And hopefully through all of this…find a good trainer (not one that beats my dog…as we experienced before) to come to our house and really work with him. It’s become too much of a challenge for both of us.

I just rolled out of power nap and I’m watching my two favorite boys sleep…it’s hard to hate them when they are silent! 🙂 And oh so cute that they have matching snoring patterns. lol.

Until next time…xoxoxo

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