Somewhere in the Mountains

THHHHEEEEEE HILLLS ARE ALIIIIVVVEEEE, With the Souuund of muuuuusssiicccc….(Seriously, I want to twirl in the hills and sing and shout….ok ok, maybe not but it makes you want to be like that here!)

Ok so here I am, writing from my hotel room up in the mountains of Oberstaufen, Germany. I wish there was a picture to show you but it’s foggy. Very foggy. However, I did steal borrow this pic from the internet to give you some idea of where I am.

So here will eventually be the view or something similar to this. It’s big skiing mountains, which I am not partaking in only because I can not for the life of me find all of my snowboarding stuff (I mean, HELLO! I just arrived here 2 days ago).  And here is a view of where we are staying.

It’s cute, It’s quaint…Itttttttt’s Berghof am Paradies!!!! Our balcony is on the top left. Fantastic.

This place is equipped with a workout room, a spa, and breakfast and dinner are included all for 180Euro per person. Hello, thats a STEAL! The people that work here are incredible. It’s a family owned place and they are wonderful! The Father manages it all, the mother is a waitress (wearing her sweet little drindl dress!), The Son is the chef and makes cakes with 12-14 layers. Absolutely, INSANE! But it’s been some of the best German food I’ve ever had and Tobi can attest to that. He’s obsessed! The daughter is also a waitress by day and the entertainment by night! lol. More on that later…I’ve yet to see her perform!

I for the most part have been relaxing. I took Harley out for a long walk/run and he’s now passed out on the floor. I wore him out! GO ME! All while getting my butt in shape. I started on this site and it’s great. It’s keeping me going and within my limits of calorie intake and excerise. I’m starting to feel better little by little! I will reach my goal!!! Now that the meds are almost out of my system, I can start getting my body back! Thank god!!

So far, no jet lag and no homesickness but I’m sure that will come later. Everyone…COME VISIT!!!

Ta-Ta for now!


2 thoughts on “Somewhere in the Mountains

  1. Hi Love! Sounds like everything is wonderful! I would love to come visit sometime : ) Keep up the blog I want to hear all about your adventures. Love you!


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