Day One – My Life in Germany

After such an easy flight and day of traveling (couldn’t believe it) I arrived in Germany (well, technically, Switzerland) around 8am and buzzed all over the place to say hello. Which didn’t stop until around 9PM or so. Talk about exhaustion!

My first full day was today and I was on the GO! Woke up at 6am, got Tobi off to work with a packed lunch made with love. (I know, GAG!) and immediately started the day off. By noon, I had trained Harley for about 1.5 hours, did Zumba, unpacked the entire Kitchen and put everything away, and had lunch. I was unstoppable! Tomorrow, I attack the guest bedrooms/bedroom and get that going! 🙂

I don’t have much time though as we are going to the mountains from Friday to Monday for snowboarding…hiking…etc, and we get to bring our “hard of hearing” dog Harley. Should get interesting!

Anywho, just checking in. I’ll post more as I pull the house together!

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