Down to the Wire

Ahhh yes….the day has officially arrived. I’m sitting here at my empty desk…in my cold office…preparing to leave behind my legacy at my job. (I’m SO over it!) It doesn’t feel real yet but slowly people have started saying goodbye so here I go! This starts the beginning of a new adventure.

I have 10 days to pull it all together.

1. Say ‘see you soon’ to family

2. Get wasted with my girlfriends

3. Pack my entire life into 2 suitcases

4. Transfer my escape money…I mean 401k to an IRA

5. Pay off my car and donate it to my family

6. Cancel my rarely used gym membership…. dammit.

7. Shut down my cellphone service…so long iPhone 3G…HELLLOOOO Iphone 4G!!!

 8. Buy Saltines – Germany does not have these, who are these people?!?!

9. Find great black workout pants…obviously to go with my rarely used gym membership.

So thats the short list…there are 8 million little things that need to be done. Emotionally, I think I’m surviving ok and hope that it won’t be too hard on me. I’m leaving on a Tuesday afternoon so my mom will be the only one dropping me off that day. I just hope she holds it together. I have a long journey ahead of me and I can’t deal with the last vision of the US being my mom standing outside the airport with tears rolling down her face. I will curl up…crumble…and die. End Dramatics. I’m scared people…I am. But I’ve got a lot of things to keep me occupied and going! Cheers to that!

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