Today was the big day for Toblerone. A big day indeed. The container arrived (pics below!) and although we had a million things packed in there and it’s somewhat intimidating to see all the mess, I’m getting really excited about going and unpacking everything and putting each thing in it’s rightful place. There’s a lot to go through but I think in this much bigger house, it all looks manageable compared to the small apartment we were confined to prior to this.
Thankfully Tobes had his thinking cap on and had the movers put everything in the rooms they belong in. (He’s not a master at moving…hasn’t done it nearly as much as I have!) I’m so proud of him for handling this all on his on…while having a high fever, poor guy. Finally the house is starting to look more like a home and will a little each day as we unravel our lives piece by piece!

Kitchen of course….looks insane to me!

Our table arrived even though this will eventually go down in the Pub (yes we’re building a pub in the house!) and buying a large table that will fit up to 14 people!! Oh and that ugly chair thing you see…those are going. Borrowed from his Aunt’s attic! lol.

The red Pinot Noir wall…TV is finally working and the Entertainment center should be arriving in the next week or two!! Takes up the whole wall basically!
OUR COUCHES!!! YES!!!!! We’re buying new ones though and these will end up in the pub more than likely!

Toblerone’s Dad (“Old Man” I call him) with the table and chairs.

So it’s coming along as planned. Just wish I could be there to go through it all!!! Only 3 more weeks!!

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