Boss from Bipolar Hell

I have been in a really annoying and difficult 2+ year relationship with my bipolar boss. He’s insane. We do not have a sexual relationship or anything of that nature. I mean in the platonic sense that he has been stringing me along like a pull toy with his constant mood swings and attitude changes. He’s worse than a serial PMSer….he’s….dun dun dunnnnn….BIPOLAR!!! YAY!

The first year and a half I worked here…he was so bad. Actually, thinking back about it. My first day of the new job I had a co-worker who started 3 weeks prior. That was the last day that I saw him. Never to be heard from again! That’s when the music died. I should have followed his lead but I had no idea what I was getting in to.

Bill is an older man with many years of experience in sales so he has that cheesy salesman persona. His day is filled with telling as many jokes as possible as well as reminiscing about his times in the military (I already hate him because of that!) Everything about what he does is illegal and against the law as far as managing goes.

Let’s see….he’s really good at pulling you into his office, shutting the door, and telling you how stupid you are and that you clearly don’t have the capability to do any job. etc etc. His strong points are talking over you and not letting you get an edge in, in other words, he loves to her himself talk. He will tape record certain “behind closed door” meetings in an effort to back up his story to HR at a later date. He really gets his socks off about belittling you in public, usually in front of all your other co-workers. He’s such a gem!

And then….the switch goes off and he brings in pizza, lets you go home early without docking from your vacation time, lets you go to the doctors without putting an “absence request” in. It’s totally crazy….

This relationship needs to end. It will end VERY fast. I can’t handle the gossip about his employees anymore. He will go on and on telling me about what he thinks of everyone (now that we’re on good terms…and why? Oh because he hired someone else to bash.) It’s all very weird and as many times as I went to HR at this company. They didn’t do a thing!

What sparked this rant? It just may have something to do with the fact that I was answering a question that he asked about when something was ordered and he didn’t want to hear it anymore so he put his hand in my face to tell me to shut up. That reminds me of a sex and the city episode where Miranda had to deal with a boss that did that! WHY ME?!?!?

I’ve given up on the corporate world. If I stay in this too long, I’ll need a straight jacket as well!


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