Ask and you Shall Receive

The funny thing about it is, a big part of me didn’t even want this to happen but here it is….right in my face….happening.

The big dogs in my corporate office in Germany have asked to set up an interview with me as soon as I arrive in good old Deutschland for a project purchasing position. Whatever that means. I agreed to the interview and first thing this morning I get an email from my potential boss and he said the Director of Purchasing happens to be traveling to our offices today in NY so he will meet with me today. Umm, whoa!

I’m not prepared and definitely haven’t had time to brush up on my German. GAH!!! The reason I say I didn’t want it to happen is because I was kinda – sorta hoping that I would atleast have several months off to get everything together at the house. The container shows up in two days and although Tobi is fully capable, I know that he will feel overwhelmed with getting things unpacked. Of course, I don’t want his parents doing the unpacking. I mean, it’s my house. I need to put things where I know they are! It’s just craziness.

I may not even get the job so I’m not sure why I’m blubbering about it to begin with! Get a grip, woman!!

I’m thankful that I didn’t do laundry this weekend so I had nothing left to wear than a suit jacket, pants, and cute top. I look somewhat professional today! Mamma Mia!!!

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