Time Goes By So Slowly…

Kill me.

The days are DRAGGING here at work. I have officially told my boss that I plan to move and they have been searching for my replacement, hard to find! 🙂 I’m slowly telling everyone my plans little by little. It will spread like wildfire within a few days anyways – typical office gossip.

It’s strange because prior to this, it’s like the universe was working with me. I was bombarded with work, upwards of 100 emails a day, a million fires to put out, and copious amounts of meetings per day. Now, ever since I said anything…I get maybe 30 emails a day at most, no meetings, no fires that can’t be dealt with in a few minutes. It’s so strange!

Due to the lack of work being dropped in my plate…I’m bored out of my skull! I can’t possibly sit here for 4 more weeks and wait it out. I want out in a BAD way. I’m so looking forward to hopping on that plane to go to my new home!

I’ve been able to keep my impending sadness about leaving my friends and family at bay. It’s going to be difficult but for now it still feels like it’s a vacation. I’m sure once I start missing my baby sister’s plays and visits with my family that I will start to feel the ting of homesickness.

I just really hope I can find a happy medium and I don’t lose sight of why I’m making this decision. I’m beginning my own little family and need to keep my eyes focused on the goal. I’m with someone who treats me like gold (even though it wasn’t that way at first) and I deserve to be happy….after many moons of jerks.

I just wish the clock would speed up just during work hours. Is that too much to ask!?

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