Two years ago my lovely adorable boyfriend picked out the ring he thought would be perfect for our engagement. For two years, I have been drooling over this piece of sparkly wonder and literally dreaming about it being on my dainty left hand showing the world, naturally.

On a Friday night he was a little tipsy after a night out with friends over in Germany. He called me in the states to tell me goodnight per usual and happened to slip about maybe having picked up something special from the jewelers. He’s good at manipulating my mind on this stuff and making me believe one thing and then changing it around so I’m confused. I know he wants it to be a surprise but I have such a hard time with this!

I really need to learn not to control every aspect of my life. It’s causing be to have premature gray hairs! I think i’m just overly excited. I’m most definitely one of those girls that has been dreaming about my wedding for ages and living vicariously through Barbie and Ken – minus the hot pink convertible and matching speed-boat. Damn them!

This is what he showed me years ago…and obviously I’m super in-love with this idea. He nailed it. This basically should be named “SugarandSpice.” It’s speaks to me…I want to bathe in it’s lusciousness… ok ok…I’m getting a little crazy but you get the idea of how much I LOVE this ring. And dammit it all to hell…I better have it!! I sound spoiled, but I promise you I’m not. Just for once I want a dream to come true…I’ve waited so long to have it.

There….now can you blame me for acting like a psycho girl from “The Bachelor.” Yes, I will accept this rose…and the fabulous one-on-one dates to Italy…and this sparkling ball of fantastic pink love! I do!

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