Pink…Purple…Green…Red…EVERY COLOR!!

Paint. Not my friend.
Growing up I was given the liberty to pick and choose the color I wanted my room. Now that I have the option to pick and choose what my house will look like, I suck at it.
Here’s the dillio….our entire house is Stark white. I’m talkin’ hospital, gives you an instant headache, kind of white. Barf. Naturally, this needs to be changed, STAT! Starting with the most used area – Living Room/Dining Room.
We worked hard for two days straight (12 hours each) to make sure the walls were perfect. The walls are not what we have here. They are more like a stucco type wall, not flat, with lots of little tiny areas that don’t get covered with a paint roller – so I found out. Great. After two coats and going back over it with a small brush to fill in the tiny white spots, and a serious case of joint pain, below is what we ended up with!


So this was me trying to get a quick shot of what it was before but we had already started. So the paint there, you mix your self. No fancy handy-dandy mixing machines like we have here! WTF! So…the paint for the lighter wall came in a weird yellowy small bottle that you mix with white paint and water until you have the correct color. It wasn’t EXACTLY what I was looking for so I may end up going back and changing things around eventually but for now we’re going with a Pinot Noir Red on the accent walls and a creme brulee on the rest. YUM!


This is looking at the living room from the dining room. So we painted the chimney walls red (3 small walls) as well as the main wall where the TV will go. The rest are all the creme color.

This is looking at the dining room from the living room. (Oh and thats the soon to be hubby!) It’s a little dark but you get the drift!

I have a lot of ideas for the many other rooms in the house which I will be putting WAY more thought into now that I know how this whole thing works. I’ll be glad when it’s all done and we can sit back and relax in our amazing Jacuzzi…Give me it!

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