Hallo Deutschland! Ich komme aus Amerika!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit down and write and now I’m finding I have loads of time! So to catch up since the last blog, I’ve been up and down about the decision and almost ready to walk away from it all. To ease my pain, Tobi and I decided to make the trek overseas so I can better grasp what I was walking into.

I woke up on Thanksgiving morning at 6am and put the Turkey in the oven then continued to pack for that evening’s flight out. I refused to leave that morning. As if I would give up a T-Day meal!! Cranberries…Stuffing…GRAVVVVYYY! Oh yes, it’s worth waiting for each year! We ate dinner and left for the airport. I wasn’t too nervous actually, just annoyed I would be traveling for so long.

Once we arrived in Zurich – Switzerland, there was SO much snow! It was a beautiful drive over to Germany but I must say…nothing special. It looks cold, gray, and dirty just like upstate NY does. Not impressed. At all. Two hours later we came upon his childhood town on top of a mountain…seriously…a mountain, where it’s 10 degrees colder or more. So we’re talking about -6F. FANTASTIC! His mom greeted us with open arms and showed us where we would be staying for the time being. We have a house there, although, it’s not completely furnished for obvious reasons. That first night, as exhausted as I was…we had dinner with his aunt, two grandmothers, and his parents. Food was different…meat…noodles…gravy. Thats basically all I ate the whole time I was there.

For the first two days we did a lot of sight-seeing which included the ever-popular Christmas Markets as well as a trip to a castle and so forth. The most important thing for me was to be apart of every day life. I didn’t want to see all that stuff necessarily, but what I did want to do is go to our new house and see where I would be spending my days.

The story behind the house is that Tobi purchased this after finding it online while he was living in the states. He has never lived in it but has been paying on it for almost two years. I did not have a hand in choosing this house, this was before our relationship started so this was something I had to adjust to whether I liked it or not.

Upon arriving to the house I was trying to take in the small village we lived in. All the houses are crammed together almost with very little land that you rent from the church. Ugh…weird. The house is quite large for two people and honestly, very new and well kept. Of course cultural difference were aparrent but I tried my best to keep my strong opinons to myself and look past what I didn’t like or agree with. I don’t have the wallet to make decisions like that anyways.

So there will be a lot that needs to be done but I’m looking forward to buying furniture and painting my first house! I’ll be sure to post before and after pictures!

Tobi has already left as of Dec 18th, but I will be traveling back there for New Years and then for good in March. Here it goes!

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