So Here’s the Big News….

We’re moving. It’s not just any moving….I mean like across the pond, moving. Tobi is from Germany originally. He’s been here for almost 4 years on a work contract (this is how we met) and he now has this amazing opportunity for a job back in his home country.
When I was younger my dad lived in England and I would travel there and stay for months and months. I loved it. We traveled everywhere! I miss it more than anything now. So, because of this I always thought it would be easy to pack up and move back to Europe, but now, I’m scared. Petrified, quite frankly. I love Tobi and I want to spend the rest of my life with him, it’s just the idea of leaving my family behind for the rest of my life is freaking me out.
I can’t imagine missing out on my sister’s school plays, my nephews birthdays, my grandma and grandpa’s anniversary’s, holidays with my whole family. I’m sad. I know I’ll only be able to make it home here and there and have them come over hopefully once. It’s nerve-wracking.
It’s now August and we’re moving there right after Christmas, is the plan. His job will start January 3rd so we need to be there as quickly as possible. That gives me exactly 4 months to pull my life together, my thoughts, and find closure all before I change my life.
What are the pros to this? Well, I don’t really ever have to work again so I can focus on my writing (I’m writing a series) and then also plan our wedding down to every last detail, as well as get preggers. Also, to travel anywhere from one city to the next it costs next to nothing. For instance, from Germany to Ireland (my favorite place in the world) will take a total of $35 form my pocket. It’s $11 one-way! What is that?!?! So, I plan on traveling to Italy, Greece, England, Ireland, and pretty much everywhere.
I’m sure I will be lonely though. He’s got a position that could potentially keep him at the office for a long time and I would be stuck at home waiting with cold dinner and our dog. Bored out of my skull and ready to go do something. I just keep having these visions about how hard this will be but this isn’t so bad in the end! People must do this all the time! I mean, I’m lucky to have this opportunity, I don’t know what I’m crying about. Thank goodness for social networking. Skype, Facebook, etc.
I’m just not prepared and in 4 months, I can’t possible be prepared for this! I won’t have any friends….barely know the language! This is one decision I need to make sure I’m ready for. I guess worst case scenario, I could always come home. But then, I would be coming home as a single girl. Yikes.

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