So here I am… Writing to you from gorgeous St. Pete’s Beach, Florida at the Tradewinds resort! I had a terrible experience with a resort in a third world country (story to be posted later) so I was fragile walking into this!
Currently I’m sitting by the adult pool with palm trees above me swaying in the ocean breeze with the view of the salty waves directly in front of me! Soooo needed and incredibly relaxing! I should do this more often!!!

Not to mention there is a tiki bar directly to my left that serves killer frozen drinks on these hot days! My favorite part is the paddleboats canals that weave in and out of the buildings! It’s the perfect way to relax and enjoy the tropical scenery and friendly swans!

We traveled outside of the resort for dinner and that was also delightful! We stopped in at the ever popular Crabby Bill’s for some amazing seafood! There’s a spinning restaurant that I’m looking forward to trying out! The room rotates so all get a view of the ocean! 🙂 fantastic!!!

I highly reccomend this area of Florida to anyone!

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