Cape Cod: As Magical As the US Gets!

Cape Cod - Beach

Cape Cod - Beach

I first went to Cape Cod with my family for a week long vacation. Just so happened to be during my 17th birthday. It seems like a coon’s age now but looking back on it, I remember I was dreading the trip. I didn’t know much about the place and we lived in Maine at the time. How different could it possibly be from where we currently were living. I was in the middle of my grumpy teenage years and refused to see the glory in it all. 

I decided to go back for my 25th birthday for a long weekend with my boyfriend. We didn’t plan any hotels or plan to do anything, we just packed up the car and left. In August, in the heat of the summer, we arrived first in Hyannisport.  For my boyfriend, this was his first time to the Cape so he was excited all on his own!

It was simply beautiful. The Cape makes you feel like a local, even though you’re not from around town. Everywhere you go it’s this mystical feeling you get almost like you’re in the middle of a storybook. I wish I could afford to live here. Some day, when I’m old and gray…I’ll plant myself in the Cape, never to return to the real world again!

We spent my birthday in Chatham, MA which is beyond picturesque! There was also a hurricane passing by so the waves were incredible and terrifying. I highly reccomend taking a visit to see such a wonderful place. It was completely worth every penny and you can really find good deals on hotels if you stop at a rest area and pick up the Travel Coupon Books. We stayed at hotels that were associated with the Coupons and had a great time on half the price!

Hurricane Waves

Hurricane Waves

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